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Bank of England announce that Margaret Thatcher could be the new £50 face for her SCIENCE VENTURES

The Bank of England has announced that former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher could be the new face of the £50 bank note because of her work in science. The eligibility for this field comes from both being deceased and being in the field of science in the UK.

The attribution comes from Thatcher’s prior work as a scientist, before venturing into politics by becoming the Conservative MP for Finchley in the 1959 general election, and subsequently Prime Minister for Great Britain in the 1979 general election.

During this time, she had developed emulsifiers for ice creams for Joe Lyons foods, all the while being credited for developing the Mr. Whippy ice cream, even though the latter claim is disputed.

A spokeswoman for the bank stated that ‘Margaret Thatcher is eligible to be on the note because she was a scientist – she was a chemist before she became Prime Minister, and she actually helped invent the soft scoop ice cream’.

Out of the 174,112 nominations that were sent to the bank in this field, only 114,000 were eligible, including Mrs. Thatcher.

The Bank’s current governor Mark Carney (of who has occupied the position since 2013, following on from Mervyn King) shall make the final decision on the matter.

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