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Angry father SLAMS police who REFUSED to tell him neighbour was a PAEDO

An angry father has slammed police for not telling him a ‘neighbour from hell’ he had reported for filming his young children was a two-time convicted sex offender.

Thomas Goodall, 27, from Bradford, says he reported neighbour Dennis Lavery at least 15 times to police because of his threatening behaviour but they didn’t tell him about his criminal past.

Lavery was last month jailed for molesting a woman between 1979 and 1980. Goodall realised this when a friend read him a newspaper report in early October saying he had been sentenced. He then also found Lavery had been jailed another time in 2008 for repeatedly raping a young woman.

Mr Goodall said he was stunned to find out his young daughter and son had been playing just two feet from the garden of the convicted rapist.

The father, whose garden backs onto the house where Lavery lived, said: ‘My kids were within two feet of a sex offender. We should have been told.’

He only discovered Lavery’s horrific past after a neighbour spotted his story in a local newspaper.

He added: ‘I couldn’t believe it, in two years’ time he would be due to come out and for all we know he could return here. Why were we not told?’

It was after being released from prison for the rape that Lavery began a campaign of terror against Mr Goodall’s family including allegedly filming his children Olivia, eight and Archie, two.

The litany of complaints against Lavery included him allegedly taking pictures of the family, shooting fireworks towards his neighbours and intimidating them.

Mr Goodall said Lavery had also terrified other neighbours – including a family who were forced to take a low offer on their house in a desperate rush to escape.

The builder said he complained about Lavery’s behaviour between ’15 and 20′ times in the course of a year but officers never told him about his record – despite him facing a second sexual abuse trial.

Angry father

Lavery was last month jailed for sexually molesting a teenage girl between 1979-1980 as judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC described him as ‘probably still dangerous’.

He was convicted by a jury at Bradford Crown Court of the two offences of indecent assault in Bradford.

Mr Goodall said: ‘When there’s been police involved 10-plus times, surely they could have told us. It is disgusting. We have had nothing but problems with him.’

He said the police claimed they couldn’t do anything about the complaints and he has put in a complaint about that and officers’ lack of information about Lavery’s past.

He added: ‘They said they don’t have to notify people but surely something should have been done.’

Today’s police are no longer the police of yesteryear, when promotion was earned through the ranks instead of with a university degree. Or when they patrolled the streets instead of patrolling tweets. Nowadays they are far too busy dealing with people who have been wolf whistling and causing offence on the internet. Nothing surprises me, no wonder crime is going up in this country. Where is the protection for law abiding citizens? Why are only the criminals protected?! It has to change.

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