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Andrew Neil SLAPS DOWN Diane Abbott the MATHS GENIUS

ANDREW NEIL took a swipe at Labour’s shadow home secretary Diane Abbott during the opening sequence of BBC show This Week.

Andrew Neil kicked off the proceedings by ridiculing the shadow home secretary’s basic arithmetic skills on Newsnight while discussing Labour’s ‘magic money tree’.

BBC presenter Neil took a swipe at Ms Abbott as he turned to his guests. saying: “Speaking of those who have never had the X Factor, and who are as familiar with talent as Diane Abbott is with simple arithmetic, I am joined tonight on the sofa tonight by the Ant and Dec of late night political chat.”

The following day was not to get any better for the Abbott as she found herself at the end of a scathing lashing after the Labour MP insisted police should record misogyny allegations despite NPCC chairwoman Sara Thornton warning forces are too stretched to take on all “desirable and deserving” issues.

A caller from Manchester Richard drove home his frustration at shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott for her statement.

The Labour MP insisted police forces could not “pick and choose” the crimes investigated, arguing the Police could not “de-prioritise” hate crime but should instead receive better funding to recruit more officers.

Phoning in on Nigel Farage’s daily LBC show, Richard said: “Yet again Diane Abbott’s got it wrong. Heaven help us if she’s ever Home Secretary. Heaven help us.

“The bottom line is that any of the blue lights services – the police, the ambulance, the fire service – they have to, by nature, define a list of priority cases they address.”

Richard used the NHS to fire home his point by suggesting that hospitals normally prioritise A&E cases based on urgency.

He went on to say: “In a hospital, it is called triage. Somebody comes in having a heart attack, it’s more likely they are going to be attended to than someone who’s got a broken nose. The same thing is with the Police out there.

“Give them the recognition that they have to determine that which is more urgent than the others. While Diane Abbott turns around and says ‘I don’t think they should be making these sorts of decisions,’ she needs to get into the real world.

“This is real life, they have to make these decisions every single second, probably of every minute of every hour.”

Richard added: “If someone had determined my ethnicity, my religion or whatever and had decided to say something that was something totally unacceptable, as much as that is not right and as much as I would want that person to be dealt with, if there is someone being robbed or there is someone being raped or attacked, I would step aside and say ‘let the Police deal with that first.’

“For goodness sake, Diane Abbott, you worry me to death.” He concluded. A statement that is fair to say rings true with all of us, could you imagine her becoming Home Secretary and throwing open our borders to all and sundry instead of implementing a fair Australian points based system?

An awful week was capped of for Abbott who revealed that police officers only yesterday collected racist and misogynistic letters from her office.

The shadow Home Secretary said she receives threats of “rape and violence on a daily basis” both online and to her constituency office in Hackney, East London. Abbott herself has been criticised for making racist comments including the suggestion that “white people love playing ‘divide & rule’. We should not play their game.” while her Labour colleague Naz Shah shared messages telling Rotherham sex abuse victims to “shut up for sake of diversity”.

Abbott’s words came just days after Thames Valley Police was forced to apologise for tweeting a joke at the Shadow Home Secretary who failed to have any sense of humour and continues to play the victim.

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