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We cannot afford to have Populism sabotaged from within

Populism is a full blown political ideology. Whether one likes it or not Populism has won, and is currently the most successful ideology in the Western world. Of course we know that it can be found on both the right and the left of the political spectrum.

Trump is certainly a populist, so is Marine Le Pen. At the same time, Beppe Grillo from the Five Star Movement and Pablo Iglesias Turrion are also populists.

Although these names don’t all reflect the same political views they all fall under the broader family of populism. The populism we here are interested in analysing and commenting on is undoubtly closer to the nationalistic romanticised one of Le Pen rather than the anti-caste one, of seemingly prophetic individuals like Grillo.

The fact that on the non-mainstream and non-centrist right we define ourselves as “populists” is not a detail. We care about the future of the movement and we have a responsability to drive it in the right direction.

Many ideas are present, and it’s not just about putting them into action but also explaining them and delivering them to what is now our larger audience.

It can be argued that the official internationalist populist “The Movement”- a political project funded by Steve Bannon and Mischael Modrikamen was given birth to somewhere in southern Brussels sometime between January and February of 2017.

The real objective of this fantastic creation is to export the ideal of the Nation-State worldwide. However, we must be very cautious with this. We are populists not socialists. It is usually socialists that have this global comprehension of politics. Bannon needs to understand that even Khan’s future extremely populist Pakistan remains Pakistan; a nation that for years has been a hostile Islamic and anti-Western state.

We cannot be friends with everyone – and most certainly we cannot export this nationalist vision outside the gates of the western, and European world.

Bannonism, economic nationalism backed by sensible social conservatism must be something that remains unique to us, and only us. This is a Western phenomenon – for Americans and Europeans alike – it is not a Pakistani, Indian, Israeli, or even Chinese phenomenon. It is something that was established by us, to our benefit, and must remain so.

On another note, we as populists must be aware that infiltrators and parasitical forces will try to sabotage the whole movement and stop our plans. They will attempt to do this today, tomorrow, and even the day after tomorrow. We must be ready to fight back at any cost.

To do this we need to first realise that the dangers of having internal tensions escalate are more than real. Modrikamen, a founding member of The Movement (along with Steve Bannon, Matteo Salvini, Yasmine Dehaene and Laure Ferrari), is a Belgian gentleman with links to several Israeli governments. (Editor: Before someone attempts an ad hominem attack, this isn’t in any way a criticism of Israel.)

Modrikamen has collaborated at fuelling a few tensions with other populists like Tom Van Grieken from the Vlaams Belang Party and Alexander Gauland from the AFD, by using a provocatory tone while explaining to the mainstream media that they had refused to join his new organisation.

The Vlaams Belang and AFD are not the only ones who do not trust Bannon and Modrikamen, Gerard Batten, Janice Atikinson and Harald Vilimsky from the FPO all said they would not cooperate with Modrikamen.

Modrikamen is a man who has been at the centre of a financial scandal related to politics in the past and his close associates and friends mainly belong to the ADDE (Alliance for Direct Democracy Europe) group. This group has nothing conservative and patriotic about it, and has included the 5star Movement and other parties close to the left.

Some people have been questioning Modrikamens’s and Bannon’s loyalty to a right wing populist cause from the start – as they fail to address the issue from a cultural perspective and prefer to approach the problem mass immigration in Europe by focusing solely on economic nationalism rather than talking about a brutal demographic displacement which has been perpetrated by Soros’s vehemently racist, postmodern, culturally Marxist ideology. There cannot be economic nationalism if it is not backed and balanced with cultural and spiritual nationalism.

No one here is arguing against this grand strategic Bannonite project. Bannon is an incredibly talented and brilliant ideologue. He should be respected, if not almost venerated for where he has taken us. He has been for a very long time our natural leader. Nonetheless, we should correct any behaviour that could point out towards a political “Americanisation” of what is effectively a matter of European democratic and Christian identity and what should be a movement built specifically to save Europe and its peoples.

We cannot risk having us monopolised and sabotaged by hawkish interventionist, miscellaneous neo-cons. Not this time, not now. The stakes are simply too high.

(Articles reflect the views of the author, and not necessarily those of Luke Nash-Jones, The Red Pill Factory, or Make Britain Great Again.)

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