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UKIP Leader Gerard Batten SNUBS Donald Trump: Little Better Than Clinton

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten has snubbed Donald Trump as little better than computer email database bleaching globalist Hilary Clinton.

Luke Nash-Jones, leader of Britain’s pro-Trump campaign group “Make Britain Great Again” stated to me, “The message he sent me dissing our Trump rally showed a total lack of awareness of the culture war, the battle to save Western civilisation from globalist forces, Batten told me that he is no fan of Trump, and that no one would vote for anyone like him”.

This is in line with Gerard Batten MEP’s views on his own website where he clearly said in the run up to the US presidential election, “I think it is sad state of affairs that Trump is a serious contender for the American Presidency” {Archived}

“You have here a party claiming to be the British populist voice, but the leader says there are no voters, no people in Britain, who oppose corrupt banksters, or who want the government to bring jobs back to the UK. Hasn’t he heard of the Occupy movement?”

Gerard Batten, UKIP Leader, snubs Donald Trump as supposedly little better than Clinton

“He’s from London. What would he know about life in the Welsh Valleys where I grew up, or likewise the North of England, where we lost mines, factories, and shipyards. Whole communities died. London politicians just don’t get that. They are in their comfy bubble. Batten is not a nationalist in the economic sense, and is not working class – he’s on £100,000 a year.”

One of the most exciting days on the British calendar for Donald Trump supporters was his visit to London on the 14th of July. Gerard Batten, UKIP leader, said welcoming Trump would cause a loss of votes. Meanwhile, the British people adore the Donald, lining streets with flags and banners to cheer at his arrival despite the rude balloon that the anti-Trump leftists had on display.

Luke Nash-Jones spent hours of time and much money to organise at his expense the Trump Welcome rally outside the new American Embassy, near Battersea. He organised signs, banners, a truck as a stage, a sound system, red Trump-style “Make Britain Great Again” hats, speakers, contacted the council, liaised with the police (multiple hour long phone calls and meetings), livestreams, and also spoke to the media.

This was a major opportunity for political groups opposed to globalism to come together and challenge the corruption of banksters and other special interest groups. To make a call for economic nationalism, to bring jobs back from China, as Trump would say.

While UKIP London showed much enthusiasm, with support of UKIP London Assembly member David Kurten, and also UKIP London Chairman Freddy Vachha, the response by UKIP in general, including the leadership, was far from supportive at all. They didn’t want the event to happen. They didn’t want Britons to welcome Trump.

In fact, Batten has stated on his EU Parliamentary website, “Donald Trump – and playing Russian roulette with the lives of our citizens” – this is the kind of thing you’d expect Owen Jones or Sadiq Khan to say. A comment left on Batten’s webpage by an Adrian Howard says, “You add you think it is sad state of affairs that Trump is a serious contender for the American Presidency. This is a reflection of peoples movement away from career politicians and the establishment, our own Nigel Farage, Marine Le Pen & Trump. How you can not see this?”

Nash-Jones commented, “I really don’t understand why UKIP leadership was so negative. I was told repeatedly to cancel the event. Sadiq Khan had that offensive balloon flying, mocking Trump, and we were meant to do nothing. Freddy Vachha and Elizabeth Jones put their positions on the line to support me.”

“This was supposedly the populist party, the nationalist voice, and members were telling us Trump was too toxic due to his pussy comment. It wasn’t his personal holiday – he came on behalf of the people of the USA. UKIP snubbed not just Trump – they snubbed our American cousins!”

“Make Britain Great Again” welcomed political figures from the British right, including members of the UKIP party, and its youth wing Young Independence, who didn’t turn up last minute, stating they were banned by the police – though such was not the case. The rally was addressed by Avi Yemini who flew in from Australia.

“At this point, I really lost interest in UKIP, and it was downhill for a few months from then, until I decided enough is enough, and sent off a resignation letter. I believe over months there had been three attempts to expel me – UKIP hates economic nationalism. Good people like Dartmouth, and Etheridge had left, while Blaiklock was shoved. I don’t want a cabin on the Titanic”, stated the Leader of Make Britain Great Again.

“Why bother to attend an appeal to keep membership of such a farce of a party that doesn’t care less for one of the main issues that concerns me – the Welsh economy needs reviving! I suggested to Gareth Bennet, Leader of UKIP Wales, that there be a drive for tax on Chinese steel, so as to protect Port Talbot – he thought I was mad.”

“Batten said criticising feminism would lose female voters. The purple dinosaurs and their brick phone gang haven’t got a clue when it comes to policy, strategy, such as the Overton window, history, such as Gramsci, or even campaign methods, and technology!”

Batten remarked last month, “Nigel Farage is a friend of Donald Trump, who a lot of people don’t like and call names” – clearly one of those people who doesn’t like Trump is Gerard Batten MEP himself. He supposedly doesn’t get on that well with Nigel either, for many years. Maybe he didn’t like that the Donald invited Nigel to the Trump Tower. How times have changed from those days!

At the moment, there is a massive culture war – and UKIP’s leader doesn’t get why Trump is popular. I’ll leave in conclusion a photo that I’m sure will make Batty smile 😉 Stupid fool!

(Articles reflect the views of the author, and not necessarily those of Luke Nash-Jones, The Red Pill Factory, or Make Britain Great Again.)

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