Brexit: Bacon-Munching Proud Gammons Defending Borders

Trump-Bashing Batten’s Bus Heading Over the Cliff: Time for a NEW Vehicle

Parties are just vehicles. Buses. Trains. Even if they are purple.

Look if the bus to work is going the wrong way, what would you do? Do you want to be late? Get fired? Do you get off that bus and find another?

Or do you say that you took this purple bus every day, and it’s your life, so you will stay? It’s a bus, not your husband/wife or kids! The only reason you ride a bus to work is to provide for your family. They come before any vehicle. Why would you cling to the seat saying this is YOUR bus?

I don’t get the blind, vicious party tribalism I see sometimes, where people say their party is ALWAYS right, and everyone else is ALWAYS wrong. That is not intellectually honest. It’s stupid. In fact, sometimes we have to admit our party is totally wrong. If it is wrong on a major issue, if it is heading the wrong direction, the morally right thing to do, is to leave.

Anyone who is truly awake politically would have known in 2015 that Donald Trump was doing the right thing, challenging political correctness, standing for Western civilisation. I discovered recently that Batten didn’t. Some visionary! Or is he another politician saying what lobbyists want? Why the hell did the UKIP NEC want this snowflake to lead a right-wing populist party?

Trump had a clear message criticising globalism. Anyone who dissed him was politically asleep, and basically didn’t get the ‘culture’ war. No such person should dare suggest they can lead us! They are a driver who has no idea which road to go down, but just feels special having the seat up front on the bus. I can forgive the paintwork being shabby, or the driver accidentally giving me the wrong change, but I’m not sitting quiet as the vehicle hurtles straight forward towards a cliff edge!

Imagine, you politely show the bus driver a map, suggesting that he turn right, a bit of economic nationalism, or some nuanced remarks on militant feminism, to get back on track, but the arrogant git says he will kick you off if you don’t shut up. Tells you to sit at the back, as if you are a naughty kid.

Your friends say be quiet, less cheek, and hope that soon he realises himself he went wrong, and corrects the route. They rant on and on about patience, as he bus hurtles up the dual carriageway in the wrong direction, and time is running out for you to arrive at work on time. We still don’t have Brexit. Our nation is dying. There’s only so patient we can be! Your boss is about to fire you! Your country is about to die! Your family must be protected! Would you really tell others not to rock the ‘boat’?

Londoners don’t get what we in the Welsh Valleys, or those poor souls in the North of England, or Scotland had to endure as mines, factories, and shipyards were shut down. We lost WHOLE communities. Villages, towns, cities DIED. We want our country back! It’s why we voted for Brexit, but simply leaving the EU won’t be enough – we need tariffs, sanctions if you will, on the cheap Chinese produce of slave labour that is imported in putting local British businesses out of work. We need our home protected!! But all UKIP wants is militant ‘free market’ polices, with no caveat of morality – no demand for the fair wages, fair working hours, and safe conditions that our forebears STRUGGLED for.

Instead he’s got this new satnav called Sargon that says some 10 year olds can supposedly give sexual consent, that it “depends on the child” – why, why would anyone want to follow such a disgusting person? Hardly an intellectually honest, consistent position for UKIP – surely anyone with a brain will notice that Sargon’s repugnant remarks clash with Batten lambasting Mohammad for the age of one of his wives, as per the Sunni hadiths?

Then there have been repugnant flirtations with the leader of a political group who attended a SS vigil – why would anyone stand by this? Laziness! Because they think it is easier than making the effort to dig out a map, and read for themselves? Prefer to follow anyone, even if it’s over a cliff? What a bunch of lemmings!!

What will you do? Nothing? Stay on the road to hell? Perhaps literally if we are to believe the teachings of Christian advocates within the party who some might think are absolute hypocrites if they stand by UKIP after these recent revelations! Will you say that you love your SEAT on the bus – some meaningless title, or whatever.

Why are people so obsessed with titles in a political party – branch chair, county chair, this position or that! Spineless cowards wanting to have top seat on a half empty bus! How can that be more important than spending time with your kids? You’d be better off taking your kids to the park, or building a lego model with them, than wasting hours in pointless battles over who will have a front row seat as the UKIP bus crashes into the chasm below.

Why do you want a seat on a bus driven by someone who doesn’t know the route? Because it looks nice painted purple!?!! Because for centuries this bus was on the right path, so you must worship it? This driver won’t get you to the destination. He’s not woke! And maybe neither are you, if you adore him! He won’t get you Brexit! He won’t save Western civilisation! He can’t lead you!

You’d get off that purple bus. Even if your workmates insist on staying and being late to work. You’d get on another bus going the right way, whatever colour it is – though I doubt it’s a red one. Maybe it says “Democrats and Veterans Party” on the side. Maybe it says “For Britain”. Maybe you want a blue bus. Maybe it says “Libertarian Party UK”. You will have to decide.

How about a taxi? One pulls into the bus stop bay.

The driver is rude to you. He’s another rude lefty snowflake in love with himself. He thinks you should worship him because you can’t get anywhere without his car. He is telling you he hates that you, a Trump supporter, are in his purple little taxi. Screaming some liberal crap, he throws his toys out the pram, and they hit you on the head. He says he’s tempted to kick you out the door. Would you keep using that taxi company every day? Who would? Would you think they were an idiot?

Would you argue with him, to demand he pick you up tomorrow, or just take a different taxi? Lick up, beg him to like you? Why bother? No. You’d tell him to stop, get out, and phone for another taxi.

Stand for principles, for what is right, and only back a party as and when it helps you to do that…. when the vehicle is going in the right direction. Only idiots show blind party loyalism. You are better than that. Anyone who doesn’t think like this is after titles, money, etc… political careerists. They forgot what this should be about: the nation, or to be more precise: YOUR FAMILY.

BACKBONE!!!!! Or licking up for mere glory. You decide. Are you a coward?

(Articles reflect the views of the author, and not necessarily those of Luke Nash-Jones, The Red Pill Factory, or Make Britain Great Again.)

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