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Tories’ Beloved Adam Smith ThinkTank DEMANDS Britain Take More Fake Refugees

Here at the RedPill Factory, we have long expressed our concerns about the “open borders” mass migration supporting mob that have infiltrated the British right. For example, we called out that Jacob Rees-Mogg’s Brexit plan was written by the IEA think tank whose paper written by an advisor to EU Commission President Barroso demanded higher migration into the UK. The Guardian claims that that Charity Commission is currently investigating the IEA over concerns about its political independence.

In London, a stone’s throw from Parliament, on Tufton Street and a few roads running off, one finds the natural habitat of the “open borders” advocates who influence the Tory party. This is the location of those neo-liberal “think tanks”, such as the Institute of Economic Affairs, the Adam Smith Institute, and Civitas. It is here that researchers, funded by secretive sources of money, believed to be from oil barons, tobacco magnates (OpenDemocracy: British American Tobacco, Phillip Morris, Imperial Tobacco, Japan Tobacco International, British Petroleum), banks, and aircraft production, formulate government policy in open cooperation with the EU.

Now we report that the Tufton Swamp’s Adam Smith Institute has taken a move that would bring a smile probably to George Soros’s mouth. While much of Britain faces a housing crisis, police cuts, and a burdened NHS, the ASI has demanded that the British government to welcome up to 10,000 Venezuelan refugees per year into the UK. As many as four million Venezuelans have fled their homeland over the last three years, over 10% of the country’s population.

Of course, we welcome genuine refugees, but by the definition that the UN would use, a refugee is a person from a NEIGHBOURING country, where there is a humanitarian crisis. While we agree that Jeremy Corbyn’s beloved economic approach has wrecked Venezuela, and caused poverty, the logical option is for Venezuelans to go to Brazil or Colombia, rather than an air flight nearly half way round the world to the streets of London.

Here we see the swampman “libertarian” position. Beware: that word too often is a cover for mass migration. They are not just out of touch with the people, but they oppose our will, they oppose democracy. In fact, the EU-born Director of the Adam Smith Institute (ASI) suggested that his “stupid” British neighbours should not even have the right to vote, because they would opt for lower migration.

The hyper-individualistic, metropolitan world of the Ayn Rand-inspired is completely out of touch with the British people. Remember who warned you of this, again and again!

My documentary warning about the dangers of the IEA, the ASI, and their obsession with “open borders”:

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