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To Rebuild Northern England, Britain NEEDS More Asian Engineers, Not Unskilled Fake Refugees

Across the North of England, Scotland, and the Welsh valleys, we have seen the closure of factories, mines and shipyards, while the farming sector has also collapsed. All of these industries demanded for bailouts, which the latter received, propping it up.

However, few people, except for Donald Trump acknowledge the real issue here. Mass imports of cheap slave produce from China, and other countries, has destroyed British industry. For example, cheap Russia and US coal priced the Welsh coal mines out of business.

Meanwhile, factories are moving to Beijing, where workers can be exploited legally, in horrific conditions like that of Victorian Britain. We rejected such terrible treatment of staff, demanding fair working hours, fair wages, and safe environments – hence businessmen don’t want us.

In reality, the response must be to “build the wall”, to place some degree of tariff, a sanction if you will, on slave produce. We need a “Buy British” campaign, a sort of “[British] exceptionalism”, or to hail back a long way, but without the oppressive stereotypes the left may seek to apply, to the notion of “Imperial Preference” in that we built the Commonwealth, particularly the realms (CANZUK roughly), first as a trade deal.

The difficulty is, where Britain’s economy has become so firmly based on “services”, that being banking, or rather the securing of the proceeds of drug running or dodgy African dictators’ funds, the engineering industry came close to death. Moreover, few people took up study of engineering. In 2014, Dyson, the hoover chap, stated, “In the next six years, nearly 3m engineering jobs will be unfilled.” This problem has hardly changed.

Basically, if you want to restart factories in the North of England, to generate jobs, to get work back from China, you will find a shortage of highly skilled engineers to work on machinery, to maintain those plants.

Nearly half of young Britons go to university, but we ever have a shortage of engineers, doctors, nurses, and other essential science-based skills. Instead we have a glut of students who studied useless but well-funded subjects like gender studies, or achieved low grades in some highly competitive field with limited work opportunities, such as law or psychology – three times as many law graduates as there are entry positions into employment.

At the school level, just 4% of this year’s A-levels were in physics – an essential subject for most engineering courses. In reality, British engineering companies would collapse if it were not for the skilled Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and other persons of IQ who work as software developers, mechanical engineers, aerospace technicians, and so forth. They walk in the steps of one of greatest engineers ever, Isambard Brunel, the son of a French immigrant. Their jobs are on Britain’s Skilled Occupation List.

Research by the Royal Academy of Engineering shows that only half of 16-year-olds in England pass both GCSE maths and at least two sciences, meaning half of our young people are unqualified for a career in engineering. Attempts to increase the number of British engineers by encouraging women to consider a career in engineering have not met with much success.

The current migration policies encourage for there to be ever more unskilled migrants coming into Britain, and entering into fields of work, where there is a shortage of jobs. There are many brickies, chippies, and sparkies struggling to find work. Instead, Britain should have an Australian style migration system, that welcomes persons with degrees, who speak a high level of English (IGCSE required), and can contribute directly to the economy, filling a vacancy.

Do you want to Make Britain Great Again? Do you want to build a better future? Study to become an engineer!

(Articles reflect the views of the author, and not necessarily those of Luke Nash-Jones, The Red Pill Factory, or Make Britain Great Again.)

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