Crime: Druglord and Jihadi Alleys of Dick's Londonistan

Sadiq’s SH*THOLE: Murder ROCKETS 14% and knife crime SOARS 12%

The number of murders in the UK has soared by 14% as the number of knife crimes and robberies also rises.

London is at the centre of fears of rising levels of violence, after the number of killings in the capital topped 100 this summer.

But statistics released today show the number of homicides nationwide is up from 630 to 719, with overall recorded crime up by almost 10%.

The number of offences registered as involving a knife or sharp instrument, 39,332, was the highest since 2011, when comparable records started.

This comes as London saw its 113th murder of the year this week, with a bus driver named Ian Tomlin, aged 46 becoming the latest victim in Khan’s London.

London recorded its 100 murder in September, a month ago, with even long-serving Met detectives shocked by the volume of violent crime and ferocity of some attacks in the capital this year.

A breakdown of the London killings released today shows 55 happened in public places and 22 are believed to be gang-related. Forty of those killed were aged under 25.

Of the grim total, 64 of the deaths were caused by stabbings, 10 were shootings and 18 were violent assaults. A breakdown of the victims shows 43 were described as Afro Caribbean, while 36 were white.

Meanwhile, separate Home Office data showed that only 8.7% of recorded offences resulted in a charge or summons.

In 46.6% of cases, the investigation was completed without a suspect being identified. This percentage was down slightly year-on-year.

Meanwhile, Britain’s second biggest city, Birmingham, has seen gun crime rates rise above those of London.

There have already been over 33 homicides in the city this year alone, with over 25 gun crimes per 100,000 people, higher than in London.

Commenting on today’s stats, Joe Traynor from the ONS (Office for National Statistics) Centre for Crime and Justice said: ‘Over recent decades, we’ve seen continued falls in overall levels of crime but in the last year the trend has been more stable.

‘The latest figures show no change in the total level of crime but variation by crime types.

‘We saw rises in some types of theft and in some lower-volume but higher-harm types of violence, balanced by a fall in the high-volume offence of computer misuse.

‘There was no change in other high-volume offences such as overall violence, criminal damage and fraud. To put today’s crime survey figures into context, only two out of 10 adults experienced crime in the latest year.’

Worryingly, statistics show the number of knife crimes is at its highest level since 2011.

I believe a lot of Londoners are getting sick of hearing about this, and so am I. While the stabbing and killings sky rocket, our police are more focused on policing people’s tweets.

Sadiq Khan needs to go, but most importantly the Police Force should be focussing on real crime, rather than tweets.

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