Money: Bae, Trump's Economic Nationalism Is The $h*t

Poll: 88% of Britons Would Have BACKED the Corn Laws

A poll by Make Britain Great Again found that 88% of Britons would have backed Benjamin Disraeli’s campaign in the 1840s to keep the Corn Laws that protected British agriculture from foreign imports.

The poll, which has a sample of 300 persons, makes a comparison of British 19th century statesman Benjamin Disraeli to modern-day politician Donald Trump, the US President, who has often criticised “the false song of globalism”.

Just as today the US government seeks to protect the jobs of American citizens by placing tariffs on Chinese products, the administration of 19th century Britain placed high tax duties on imports. This ensured British farms stayed financially afloat, and provided jobs to rural communities. Moreover, it meant Britain achieved a degree of national self-sufficiency.

However, then arrived Cobden and his Anti-Corn Law League. They were the hippies of that age. A bunch of snowflakes who in regards commerce welcomed open borders between nations as the harbinger of world peace. Globalist do-gooders doing the work of the money-grabbing elite of business and banking.

They peddled the false notion that an absolutist approach to free trade would cultivate a sense of belonging to the worldwide community of human beings. However, most things are good ONLY in moderation. Beer. Sex. Dancing like a demented maniac in public. Chilli so hot you scream as you face near death. The concept of liberty.

Those who went too far, fell not into a joyous enlightenment, but the hands of a certain darkness referred to as illumination. Those drunkards, hyper-individualists, succumbed to hedonism and hence neglected their duty to the community. They left the gate open for selfish hordes of money-grabbing banksters to takeover our nation.

The working man showed no great interest in Cobden’s campaign. However, during poor harvests and the Great Famine in Ireland, in 1846, then Prime Minister Robert Peel argued to repeal the legislation, in permanence, and not temporarily as would be necessary if to allow in foreign corn to feed the poor. Moreover, the real reason for starvation was greed: that Irish corn was being shipped out of Ireland to England where it could fetch a higher price.

Peel’s disgraceful alliance with the Radicals and the Whigs to repeal economic nationalism resulted in the British market being flooded with cheap corn, and a collapse of many farming businesses. Many poor rural persons lost their jobs, and moved to squalid, disease and crime-ridden city slums, where they became beggars, even prostitutes.

However, traders made a quick buck on the cheaper grain, and the growing manufacturing industry also provided them wealth. Meanwhile, the old order collapsed, and gone was not only tradition, but in a pursuit of hyper-individualism over nation, so declined any sense of community.

Conservatives criticised Peel for betraying his own party, and he resigned as Prime Minister on 29 June 1846.

Whiggery is for cucks!

Long be due regret for 1846.

(Articles reflect the views of the author, and not necessarily those of Luke Nash-Jones, The Red Pill Factory, or Make Britain Great Again.)

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