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Police Chiefs Busy Chasing Hate Crimes Say They Lack Resources to Fight Terror

There seems to be a disparity between the reports of Police Chief Constables and that of their Police & Crime Commissioners. The former calls for more resources to tackle the major and growing threat of terrorism and extremism whilst the virtue signalling of PCCs and Mayors continue in ever increasing proportions.

I have a rare if not particular insight into the estranged relationship between the two positions, as a former candidate for Police & Crime Commissioner in 2016.

As such, serious candidates are privy to sensitive information that is not readily in the public domain. What I can elaborate with you now is that in 2016 the risk of terror attack was very high and deemed ‘Imminent’. It hasn’t changed since.

Back then, Terrorism & Domestic Extremism was listed as the joint 7th most serious threat, one up from Rural Crime in the county where I stood. So terrorism either wasn’t really taken seriously back then or there wasn’t the political will.

With resources now spread thinly, the thin blue line now accommodating even more non-crimes thanks to the common purpose likes of the head of the Met Police, as they encourage people to report offensive comments even if it is not a crime. So how can there be a shortage of resources if constabularies up and down the country have the spare resources for this procrastination?

It is curious that with the rise of terror plots, the Police report the rise of extreme far-right as identical to terrorism. Not exactly as difficult as the chicken and the egg question, if terrorism did not encroach on our society; there wouldn’t be anything to react to. It beggars belief that the two are now virtually synonyms.

With 700 terror plots currently under investigation, Police Chiefs are right to warn about the lack of resources.

What they need to do is also advise the PCCs to divert their attention from virtue signalling by policing online comments, fake offence and other name calling hate crimes that are not hate crimes really but need to be investigated in case you or someone else may be offended (deep breath) and get the Police back to doing what they should be doing, preventing crime and keeping the public safe.

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