Brexit: Bacon-Munching Proud Gammons Defending Borders

Oxford Uni Gone Mad? Brexit SUPPOSEDLY will KILL 5,600 due to food shortages

A ‘hard Brexit’ could supposedly kill up to 5,600 people a year because people won’t be able to afford as many fruit and vegetables, according to researchers at Oxford University.

They claim a ‘soft Brexit’ would kill 2,700 people.

More than 90 per cent of the UK’s fruit and vegetables are imported, meaning they fear prices will go up when it leaves the EU. And pricier fresh foods could put people off, experts say, putting them more at risk of developing deadly diseases.

The paper‘s author, Dr Marco Springmann, wrote in The Conversation: ‘Brexit is expected to increase trade costs and make food imports more expensive, something that could lead to changes in diets and dietary risk factors that influence health.

‘Foods that are critical for good health would be especially affected.’

Dr Springmann and his colleague, Dr Florian Freund, say increased costs could see everyone eating, on average, one fewer portion of fruit or vegetables each week.

Scientists are causing panic by saying that the rising price of importing food will worsen people’s diets and lead to more cases of cancer, heart disease and stroke within 10 years. Will the sky fall in too?

This rise in disease could also cost the NHS an extra £600million a year, according to the Oxford University scientists – this is not fact, but what is a fact is that the government saves hundreds of millions a year by leaving the EU.

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