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Nash-Jones QUITS UKIP: Disgusted by Paedo Apologia, and Keynote Speaker’s Nazi Vigil

Luke Nash-Jones, leader of Britain’s pro-Trump campaign group “Make Britain Great Again” has quit UKIP. He sent a resignation letter to UKIP a fortnight ago, expressing that it does not understand the culture war, or the need for technology to win elections, but rather flirts with real racism (SS officer vigil) and what many would deem paedo apologia.

If you are unaware of the difficulties between Nash-Jones and UKIP for the last 5 months, including multiple attempts to expel him from the party, you could be forgiven for jumping to the false, entirely incorrect, conclusion that his departure relates to the horrific conduct of Mr Mark “Buska” Martin in a bookstore a couple of months ago. That awkward event is no reason for UKIP not to welcome Nash-Jones, because neither Glenn Teale or Mark Martin were suspended for altercations related to that store, and Gerard Batten was seen at a rally in Sunderland grabbing selfies with David Sumner who had assaulted the shopkeeper. The truth is much deeper: a battle between UKIP and supporters of Trump – it’s too much for this piece, though I will give a brief summary.

Nash-Jones tells me, “I believe over months there had been three attempts to expel me. For example, after I made a speech about Nicky Morgan MP, a massive Remoaner, the party came down on me like a ton of bricks, saying my words were illegal. This is the free speech party! It’s mental! They were still pushing for me to reprimanded even after I pointed out that I had only quoted Oliver Cromwell; words that other former UKIP members, such as John Rees-Evans have read out at Brexit rallies. This is clear in the speech for goodness sake, when I literally said I was quoting Cromwell, and anyway, don’t they read history?”

“Oliver Cromwell stood up to the Rump Parliament in 1653. “Ye sordid prostitutes, have you not defil’d this sacred place, and turn’d the Lord’s temple into a den of thieves, by your immoral principles and wicked practices?” the future Lord Protector said in the real-life version of the speech, also appearing frequently in Brexiteer circles.” (The Daily Mail)

“They went a bit quiet when said I would take legal action if my branch officership was suspended. Those driving this were a technophobic, arrogant clique in charge of UKIP Communications, basically the website that fell out of Noah’s ark, their tired Facebook page, and those crappy leaflet designs.”

“Basically, they REALLY needed help, but they vehemently despised me in a somewhat disturbed fashion, because I committed the great, supposed crime of offering to build them pro-bono a cracking mobile app for campaigning, something like that used by Five Star in Italy, or Momentum here in the UK, both of which I have studied in detail.”

“It would have been awesome. You could have taken it to the doors, when campaigning, and got people to sign up to the party newsletter. You could have used it at market stalls. It would have been ground-breaking. It would have been incredible! But these guys are incredibly rude, very untalented, and, well, if I am to be honest, terribly insecure bumbling fools who lack the ability to think outside the box. They refuse to delegate, even when people are begging to help them out. I don’t mean to be offensive – I leave that to them – but it’s rather amusing that Barney the Dinosaur is purple!”

“That Pat Bryant, goodness, what a fruitcake – I haven’t got time to take her precious Comms Officer seat while holding down a full-time job! I offered to work FOR HER for free. She would have surely got the credit for goodness sake. What a fool! Their supposed hard work was actually hours of constant gossiping, and outright lies, by pathetic insecure, Delphic, paranoid individuals, who wanted to protect their positions on the sinking Titanic, that they imagined I’d want.”

UKIP is a party of Boomer cucks. Purple NPCs wasting hours fighting each other for titles that are meaningless if not matched by hard, real work, who are fighting against other Brexiteers, and not fighting to save our country.

“I’m fighting against the hedonistic decline that happened in the 1960s and 1970s, that has resulted in the snowflake generation, but the Boomers can’t see they caused that decline to happen. There is no clear political ideology, so they are lost, and confused as party, beyond the Brexit battle. No raison d’etre, except to fight for titles, some of which have salaries or financial retainers.”

Nash-Jones explains another time the purple brigade turned on him, “Then when I reported my then UKIP branch chair for allegations of racism and assault, a NEC member said they had to fight to stop me getting expelled.”

Obviously, the word ‘racist’ is often unfairly used by the left as an ad hominem attack, and thus while frequently in politics people are incorrectly labelled racist, sexist, and so on, that isn’t to mean no person in the history of mankind has been a bigot. Hampshire, where Nash-Jones lives, is a UKIP graveyard, with dire support since a UKIP candidate Robert Blay (that Luke described as a “bloody idiot”) said he would kill a Brexiteer of Sri Lankan ancestry, Ranil Jayawardena MP, who is a rather right-wing Tory – another example of UKIP attacking fellow Brexiteers, with a lack of focus on the end goal.

Tory MP Ranil Jayawardena, who Nash-Jones compared to Trump, claims Britain could face mass sexual assault and terror due to fake refugees being welcomed into the UK

The Leader of Make Britain Great Again describes Jayawardena as “A terribly English gentleman who must surely be rather serious about Brexit, with that massive Vote Leave banner across the front of his house – and his position on fake refugees would have met Trump’s approval. Why the hell would UKIP attack this chap? Just down the road there’s one of the biggest Remoaners, Maria Miller, and where was UKIP when I tried to arrange a stall to hand out leaflets? Few old gits busy grumbling in the pub about how much they hate Ranil. I know there are some wet sappy lefty Tories around here, in Ranil’s branch, but the chap himself is pushing a traditional form of conservatism. UKIP’s opposition to him has been literally a mixture of outright, disgusting, small-minded racism, or bitter class bigotry, reverse-snobbery, shielded as anti-Tory rhetoric.”

Nash-Jones’s resignation letter states,

“Compare: Months back, I reported my branch chairman for alleged racism and assault – there was no prompt action. The party legislation is not consistently enforced, but to certain advantage.”

Nash-Jones’ resignation letter references, “a grudge due to my objection to a UKIP youth conference being addressed by a man who attended a SS officer’s vigil – what a reason to want me banned from your party!”

Nash-Jones states, “How can they conclude that a man who attends a SS officer vigil in Austria has no sympathy to Nazism? He should not be welcome to address a UKIP conference. Banning someone entering the country because of their political views has free speech implications, if we reference John Stuart Mill, but you do not invite to address a party event those who do not share its principles.”

Opposed to Generation Identity’s racial policies, Make Britain Great Again presented these slides to UKIP Leader Gerard Batten 

“For over 2 hours, I spoke at length with Mr Batten in a cafe over Paddington Station about the difference between the alt-right and the alt-light; other parties and myself can prove such. There’s little point in denial – I can prove this meeting happened, and EXACTLY what was discussed. I warned Batten that certain groups actually have real neo-Nazi links, and that the party needs to avoid them. Frankly, I was shocked by how unaware he was of the culture war. He wasn’t the man to lead us against globalism. It was a very surreal moment. It was hard to believe what I had seen and heard. A man who had been paid £100,000 a year to do politics for decades, and he didn’t know about Gramsci.”

Opposed to Generation Identity’s racial policies, Make Britain Great Again presented these slides to UKIP Leader Gerard Batten

In a shocking video of an Identitarian conference in Europe, there is a call for the creation of racial “apartheid” – this is exactly what is meant by the phrase “ethnopluralism” in the Generation Identity literature: racial segregation, or deportation. Why would UKIP embrace this?

Nash-Jones received death threats from Glen Saffer and James Goddard, who burnt a “Make Britain Great Again” Trump-style hat, after he declined politely to address a rally where Timothy Scott, who has been on the blatantly neo-Nazi (literally Swastika flag waving!!) Brian Ruhe online TV show. Despite this, Gerard Batten shared a stage with Goddard’s campaign – hardly looking after his own team. “Nigel Farage has standards – he wouldn’t tolerate this!”, remarked Luke Nash-Jones.

“We were required to acknowledge a proscribed list, but the leader doesn’t care for it – this puts UKIP activists in a very awkward position, where to avoid suspension, you have to say to some questionable figure, who you probably didn’t want anything to do with anyway, that you can’t share a platform with them, and then the next thing, to your horror, Batten is sharing a stage with them. Then the politico makes out you had some personal agenda, because hey, Gerard is cool with them.”

“The party is heading in the wrong direction. I’m not just referencing that is so one-issue, and outside the Overton, that few people will vote for it, but also, the neo-Nazi youth elements sneaking in. I repeatedly told Mr Batten over the last few months that I’d quit if the party didn’t make a firmer stance against those who have posted ‘1488’ remarks, ‘gas chamber’ memes – I have evidence – and other disgusting content online. People trying to dox me or my family. Before there is a denial, I have written evidence of myself stating I would quit UKIP, months back. Nothing was done. This party doesn’t represent that healthy cultural nationalism and anti-globalist message that I stand for, and thus, I resigned.”

Another factor that drove Nash-Jones to quit was UKIP was how they embraced figures such as Carl Benjamin – his letter reads:

“Likewise, Carl Benjamin has made comments regards underage copulation, and also many racist remarks [supposedly in jest] – you have not suspended him, and time will show if any action is taken in that regard; I do not want to be part of a party that tolerates such remarks. You yourself, Paul Oakley, called UKIP the “Black Death” – resulting in rather awkward news headlines indeed, putting you in no position to judge myself.”

Nash-Jones recently criticised UKIP’s embracing of Carl “Sargon of Akkad” Benjamin who has said sexual consent supposedly “depends on the child”, when referring to 10 year olds. Nash-Jones remarks, “How can a party in good conscience welcome Sargon in with these remarks he made about 10 year olds, while its leader stands on stage and berates the Islamic community for the age of Mohammed’s wife Aisha? To thus embrace this Carl chap shows a lack of intellectual honesty! He has said more than once to a camera that he thinks a 10-year-old can supposedly consent, with reference to consent laws in Austria – this is a truly repugnant, disturbed defence, apologia, for persons carrying out the act of copulation with someone that surely the judiciary in Britain would define as ‘underage’, and thus what he speaks of is pederasty, even paedophilia.”

“Carl Benjamin has made a horrific video where he mocked a mentally disabled girl, calling her a ‘retard’, and also issued multiple racial slurs, including the n-word. He’s mocked autism. If this is who UKIP want as their poster boy, they are finished.”

The Leader of Make Britain Great Again expressed to me, “I don’t want a cabin on the Titanic. Why bother to attend an appeal to keep membership of such a farce of a party that doesn’t care less for one of the main issues that concerns me – the Welsh economy needs reviving! I suggested to Gareth Bennett, Leader of UKIP Wales, that there be a drive for tax on Chinese steel, so as to protect Port Talbot – he thought I was mad. Instead he’s focussed on this stupid, moronic notion of abolishing the Welsh Assembly, which would ensure English dominance over Wales – how out of touch with the people can you get! I like that he can be outspoken, but what’s the point if you don’t speak for the nation, if you don’t say what the silent majority actually feel.”

Nash-Jones is alluding to the policies of Donald Trump, who opposes cheap imports of Chinese slave produce into the USA. The Leader of Make Britain Great Again has had a strained relationship with Gerard Batten ever since he snubbed Trump.

“Basically, UKIP is militantly economic libertarian, even welcoming Chinese slave goods – it hates economic nationalism, it hates the notion of import tariffs, and it has been seeking an excuse to part ways with myself. I doubt my opposition to war on Syria helped either.”

Nash-Jones spent hours of time and much money to organise at his expense the Trump Welcome rally outside the new American Embassy, near Battersea. Nash-Jones invited Gerard Batten, UKIP leader, to speak, whose response was that welcoming Trump would cause a loss of votes. UKIP in general, including the leadership, was far from supportive at all. They didn’t want the event to happen. They didn’t want Britons to welcome Trump.

Nash-Jones remarked, “In a statement that showed a total lack of awareness of the main political battlefield of the moment: the culture war, the struggle to save Western civilisation from globalist forces, Batten told me that he is no fan of Trump, and that no one would vote for anyone like him […] This was supposedly the populist party, the nationalist voice, and members were telling us Trump was too toxic due to his pussy comment. Instead they are bogged down in the 1950s left v right old battlefield that was finished by Thatcher’s crushing, whatever our views, it happened, victory over the trade unions.”

“He really doesn’t get the culture war. I couldn’t believe it when Batten said criticising feminism would lose female voters. These guys with their brick phones, almost literally, I’m sorry, they haven’t got a clue about modern, efficient, effective campaign methods, and technology. They don’t think it matters, so they don’t delegate it to anyone. Or if they do, they delegate to, for want of a better word, smooth-talking bull-sh*tters. The lack of awareness of technology, or the Overton window, or even who Gramsci is – frankly, it was quite an eye-opener. Quite shocking!”

SOURCE: Gerard Batten MEP's views own…

Posted by Make Britain Great Again on Monday, 22 October 2018

Trump’s visit was a major opportunity for political groups opposed to globalism to come together and challenge the corruption of banksters and other special interest groups. To make a call for economic nationalism, to bring jobs back from China, as Trump would say. Nigel Farage stood with the Donald at the golden doors in the Trump Tower, but Batten has snubbed him – what a contrast!

This is a fact – see Gerard Batten MEP’s views own website:

Nash-Jones reflects on the experience, “[Batten]’s from London. What would he know about life in the Welsh Valleys where I grew up, or likewise the North of England, where we lost mines, factories, and shipyards. Whole communities died. London politicians just don’t get that. They are in their comfy bubble. Batten is not a nationalist in the economic sense, and is not working class – he’s on £100,000 a year. He’s only concerned with one issue.”

“To succeed a party must be somewhat pluralist, with a range of policy points, so as to reach enough voters to get elected. Therefore, whatever you think of Etheridge, and Dartmouth leaving, such is a catastrophe. Then Blaiklock was shoved, with whom I don’t agree 100% on economics, but goodness, we need to be to some degree a broadchurch united by few key principles, primarily saving our culture, if we are to get anywhere. Batten’s “one shoe fits all” approach is narrow-minded political suicide, with little appeal beyond a bubble.”

“His childish response to Dartmouth seems to be me to be nothing but an ad hominem attack, with that Tory reference, while ex-BNP (no, I’m not judging any individual) are welcome. Dartmouth left the Tories decades ago and worked tirelessly for Brexit, so that remark I interpret as classist bigotry. The attack of Bill was over him visiting Russia. UKIP’s anti-Putin stance is so ignorant. I’m not claiming Russia is perfect, but looking at the big picture, with what Obama’s regime did in the Middle East, funding jihadis, while the UK sold arms to Saudi, no Putin, relatively, is not the bad guy.”

“At this point, I really lost interest in UKIP, and it was downhill for a few months from then, until I decided enough is enough, and sent off a resignation letter. To refer back to those words of Cromwell, they make for interesting reflection where he said, ‘godless, self-seeking, ambitious tricksters, you are no more capable of conducting the affairs of this nation than you are of running a brothel'”.

UKIP has been lost since the days of Farage and the Brexit referendum. It’s devoid of principles. Lost. Confused. The Titanic is half underwater. It’s sunk to terrible depths. They are flirting with real racism [SS officer vigil] and what many would deem paedo apologia [Sargon]. They are desperate to grow their membership base, as the purse strings pull tighter. With the Batten v Farage division, the hull has cracked. It’s going down!

I asked Luke if he has any final words for UKIP. In his typical Trumpesque frank style, he simply said, “I’ve got no time for such morally bankrupt individuals. They can go to hell!”

(Articles reflect the views of the author, and not necessarily those of Luke Nash-Jones, The Red Pill Factory, or Make Britain Great Again.)

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