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Moronic police idiots fine hero £58 for kicking thug beating elderly lady

A man has been fined for assaulting an attacker who was beating up an old woman. Leonid Shchepel had begun to film when he heard a woman’s screams and ran to find towards the noise outside flats in Klintsy, western Russia.

He found a man beating defenceless Klara Shalomovna, 88, who suffered two broken ribs, head trauma, a dislocated arm, numerous bruises and lost several teeth.

In an attempt to get the thug off of Klara, Shchepel kicked the 32-year-old unnamed attacker in the head and face.

Moronic police idiots fine heroic man £58 for kicking thug who was beating an elderly woman

Posted by RedPill Factory – Make Britain Great Again on Monday, 22 October 2018

Shchepel was fined 5,000 rubles (£58) for his actions, but said: ‘I do not regret what I did. Klara’s life and health are more important than the money.’

Police said the man began to beat the grandmother because he went to the wrong block of flats and when the old lady answered the door after he knocked, he thought she was an intruder.

In the footage, Shchepel runs towards the pair where the attacker has Klara pinned to the ground and is pulling her hair. As he continues to film, he kicks the man in the head and face, causing him to stop his brutal assault on the pensioner.

Klara’s terror can be seen on her face which is covered in mud from her ordeal. The attacker remained on the ground after Shchepel fought him off, but reported Shchepel to the police because of the beating he took.

He had a nose bleed and several bruises after being beaten by Shchepel, but has now been interrogated by police in connection with the attack.

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