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Fears Facebook to RACK up Censorship: Hires REMOANER Nick Clegg to Oversee UK

Facebook has hired former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg as the head of its global affairs and communications team. He will have oversight over Facebook in the UK, a country where most of the electorate disagreed strongly with his political views in the EU referendum.

The appointment of the former Liberal Democrat leader, who lost his parliamentary seat at last year’s general election, comes as the social media giant faces criticism over mass data breaches. The man who failed to keep his promise on student fees, Mr “I’m Sorry”, is somehow seen as a symbol of trust.

Clegg is due to take up his post on Monday and will move to California with his family in the New Year. He will succeed Elliot Schrage, who announced in June that he was leaving Facebook after a decade of service.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, often criticised for the censorship practised on the platform, was personally involved in hiring Clegg, who is understood to be the most senior European politician to take up a senior executive role in Silicon Valley.

Expect more lefty censorship of nationalism, especially considering Nick Clegg is notorious for wanting to overturn the Brexit referendum result!

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