Far-Right Watch: Hitler Was Wrong

Allegiance to Hitler Sworn by Staff of UKIP Gerard Batten’s YouTube Man Sargon

Obviously, the word ‘racist’ is often unfairly used by the left as an ad hominem attack, and thus while frequently in politics people are incorrectly labelled racist, sexist, and so on, that isn’t to mean no person in the history of mankind has been a bigot.

Far-left of this photo: Michael “1488” Brooks managing UKIP poster boy Sargon’s camera gear

Evidence has emerged that Gerard Batten’s UKIP poster boy Carl “Sargon” Benjamin’s cameraman is Michael Brooks, whom we revealed last year to be a genuine neo-Nazi activist who has infamously called himself as “14 and 88”.

This term was coined by white supremacist terrorist David Lane, during his 190-year prison sentence, to indicate support of Hitler. “14” refers to the phrase “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”, while “88” refers to the eighth letter of the alphabet “H”. “88” or “HH” refers to the phrase “Heil Hitler”. Thus, Brooks has literally sworn allegiance to Hitler.

Brooks ran Young Right Society, a rather unpleasant Facebook group, with later dismissed Breitbart writer. YRS attempted to become a youth movement, with events in London and Manchester.

It featured truly disgusting, racist content including anti-Semitism, Holocaust jokes, praise of Oswald Mosley, and mocking of the death of Jo Cox MP.

Cameraman for UKIP’s new media face, Brooks, suggested joining the Nazi Freikorps

UKIP’s new media guru’s team member Michael Brooks infamously said he was “14 and 88” – slang for allegiance to Hitler

Brooks appears to have described non-whites as apes.

However, perhaps UKIP star Carl Benjamin’s choice of members for his inner circle should not come as a shock, because in February 2018 he stated, “Maybe you’re just acting like a n*ggers, mate. Have you considered that? You think white people act like this? White people are meant to be polite and respectful to one another.” Is that racist? Why does UKIP want him as their face?

Gerard Batten’s UKIP poster boy Carl Benjamin also stated that “it seems that racism was a causal factor in reducing the crime and poverty in the black community”. He claimed it was “unironically good for the black community in this regard”. Notice: he said “UNIRONICALLY” – you can’t say he was joking.

This disgusting character harassed our Editor-in-Chief, Luke Nash-Jones. Nash-Jones sent UKIP leader Gerard Batten a message clearly stating he would not stay with the party if Brooks was allowed to join. Not long after, Carl “Sargon” Benjamin, who Sargon works for, made a video attacking Luke Nash-Jones, calling him “autistic” – was Nash-Jones unwanted in UKIP because he challenged the actual Nazi infiltration?

Luke Nash-Jones clearly states to UKIP leader Gerard Batten that he will quit UKIP if neo-Nazi Brooks is allowed influence of the media outreach

This isn’t the first time that Michael Brooks has been seen doing camera work with Sargon. The question has to be asked, who was the camera guy for the Sargon interview with UKIP Leader Gerard Batten? Was it Michael Brooks? Was Batten associating with Brooks AFTER he had been warned by Nash-Jones?

Was Michael Brooks filming this video?

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