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Why is the media pushing child drag queens so much?

A while ago, I was watching an episode of the chat show Loose Women as background noise while doing my day to day routine.

From this, I couldn’t help but notice that one of the central stories was titled: ‘My 11-Year-Old Son Is a Drag Queen’. During said segment, it mainly focused on a mother (of who looked like she should be at the latest anime convention) embracing her son as a drag queen after noticing that he could ‘lead [a] happy life(s)’. Meanwhile, there is a big reveal as to the child in drag (how lovely), the kid talks about how being a drag queen gives him ‘confidence’ and he even does a twirl for the audience. Bless. The panellists also lap it up too of course.

Now while such a bizarre spectacle would be odd on its own standalone status, it is also part of a significantly worrying trend in our society; the promotion of child drag queens.

Not only have we had Loose Women promote such weird behaviour, we have also had many other examples of the mass media pushing these young children (or should that be exploited) over the last few years. The early morning breakfast show This Morning having not one, but two main features whereby child drag queens were the main subject, with one discussing how awful it was that a 14-year-old kid wasn’t allowed to go on to perform in his school’s talent show after the headmaster (quite rightly) cited legal reasons about how because of the child’s age, it wasn’t legal for him to perform drag in front of other children. Various stories about how young children are opening their own drag clubs, including one story in the Daily Mail about how a 10-year-old child in New York opened up one himself. Elle Magazine presenting such people on their YouTube channel. This is only the tip of the iceberg mind you, given there are other examples of such confusing behaviour being promoted by the media at the large.

There are numerous reasons for this behaviour being promoted, and none of them are particularly positive, mainly in what they say about our culture or society at large.

Now before I continue, I have no problem with general drag acts or queens for that matter. To my knowledge, there is nothing particularly harmful about they’re doing and have a culture all of their own which doesn’t try to impose ideas on to others or anything of that kind. I take the libertarian view on such a matter; if they aren’t interfering with my life or causing any harm to those around me or in general society, I have no problem with it.

I happily draw a more conservative line however when children are involved. Given that they are some of the most vulnerable and impressionable people in general society of who don’t fully understand the world around them, forgive me if I have a problem when their safety is potentially threatened by something which is potentially harmful. Given that out liberal society has already seemed to happily throw them under the bus when it comes to pursuing their progressive agenda, whether that be through ignoring the various Islamic grooming gangs who rape thousands of them in various cities or having many young black children grow up in fatherless homes because of how a large welfare state has given no incentive for such communities to develop strong families (something even Tottenham MP David Lammy pointed out), it is no surprise that they happily let this potentially psychologically damaging behaviour fly.

At best, the implications of the increase in the promotion of this behaviour is simply the left (of who dominate our society at large) making up for lost time in the worst way possible. It seems that ever since former Olympian and participant in the distasteful and also damaging piece of TV turd nugget Keeping Up With The Kardashians Bruce Jenner became a woman back in 2015, there has been a huge attempt to push transgender rights and figures in general life to make up for the fact that the left up until that point hadn’t said much about transgenders or the like and were probably terrified that as the side who supposedly care about the little guy, they had ignored one major minority group for the longest time. Hence why whether it be bringing drag queens into nursery schools to discuss gender fluidity with the students, to the council of Brighton and Hove sending out letters to parents asking which gender their child most felt comfortable with, such attempts to push the transgender agenda into politics (of which in part encompasses the drag queen lifestyle) are clearly the left being over the top and making up for alleged lost time not sticking up for transgenders at large. Hence the acceptance of more peculiar lifestyles such as people who are non-binary or do drag for example. The left are going crazy for seemingly ignoring this minority, and such blinding acceptance of these lifestyles (best encapsulated by the various hosts of media outlets and journalists and such) is an atonement of sorts for doing so.

The other reasons are not so positive. Firstly, it signals that our culture is in steady decline, with more perverse lifestyles of which were once seen as risqué and harmful being increasingly seen as normal and acceptable. As InfowarsPaul Joseph Watson points out, given how our culture has increasingly become more depraved under the postmodern notion that high culture is the same as lowbrow culture (often inspired by the likes of the pseudointellectualism of the Frankfurt School), our culture as a result in turn becomes more debauched. While child drag queens aren’t the most depraved aspect of this societal change, they are part in parcel (London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s favourite chestnut) of such a shift. Child drag queens are seen as more normal in a society increasingly more acceptable to more radical ideas in the vain attempts to be more open and liberal, all the while making the general population more numb to such ideas, and hence even more bad and disgusting ideas aimed at reducing the moral fibre of the West. If it takes clear exploitation of children to push this idea forward than so bl**dy be it in the lefts collective mind.

Not to mention how this is linked in with the societal normalisation of paedophilia as well. After all, dressing in drag is at the very least experimental in a sexual nature; mixing around with gender only being one part all the while experimenting with how one can look convincing as an attractive part of the opposite sex inherently means that a sexual element plays a role here. So it should come as no surprise that the potential sexualisation of children being pushed by the dominant media is linked to the normalisation of paedophilia in our society. Already this is pretty alarming, all the while the main reason for this clearly is how the top echelons of society is full of paedophiles. Whether it be how in towns in Rotherham and Telford some councillors have either given character references for groomers or allegedly had sex with children respectively, the Roman Catholic Church has allowed paedophile priests to get away with their behaviour for decades through cover up, various sex ring bust ups (including Operation Yewtree and Marc Dutroux) have included members of the elite in implication or otherwise, how Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Orgy Island’ had a similar protection by elites among other cases. Hence indicating that such behaviour running rampant makes the top brass’ disgusting behaviour all the more normal, so they won’t be cuffed for their illegal behaviour.

Finally, the other reason the media is pushing this is potentially the most damning of all. In a culture whereby any sort of meaningful basis (national identity, gender, religious values) is either gone or endlessly demonised, we have an increasingly lost generation of who feel they have nothing left. To make matters worse, as opposed to previous generations, there is no outlet for a generation to express their angst. Whereas the likes of cult classic horror films, heavy metal and violent video games helped to keep generations in the past able to express their self-loathing in a positive manner, now they have barely anything to do so. Film has been utterly watered down into nothingness beyond bland blockbusters and rubbish overrated dramas, any heavy metal music (among other alternative genres from the mainstream, including alternative rock for that matter) never get the airtime and more mainstream overproduced nonsense is pushed and video games have been infiltrated by social justice freaks, as the whole #Gamergate controversy proves. With nothing left, experimenting with gender seems to be a last avenue for a generation lost in terms of identity and culture (not to mention #Comicsgate, but that is a story for another time). And given how allegedly brave and daring it seems to be a drag act in this day in age, it isn’t hard to see that this seems to be the only avenue left for many lost children and young adults, with the media’s promotion legitimising it in ways unimaginable ages ago. How the mighty has fallen.

So it seems that the main reason such behaviour is promoted by the media at large is an indictment on our culture. It shows that our culture is perverse, promoting more debauchery than ever before. It shows that the underlying sexual aspects of it adds to a worrying aspect of a normalisation of paedophilia within our society, of which aids the top brass of our society who revel in it. And it shows that our culture is so lacking in substance and offers so little to the next generation that such odd behaviour is seen as an only way out.

It is an utter indictment of what our society has become: groundless, tasteless and overall rotten. Shame on the mass media for promoting this sort of behaviour and a shame on our establishment class for allowing society to fall so far to get this low point in Western culture.

It further indicates a cultural revolution, something akin to a modern day Renaissance, it definitely needed. The sooner that happens the better. The sooner this sort of behaviour is more seen as the off putting and rarely seen as it should be, the healthier our culture will once be again, and all the better for it.

(Articles reflect the views of the author, and not necessarily those of Luke Nash-Jones, The Red Pill Factory, or Make Britain Great Again.)

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