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Why is the establishment pushing Love Island on us?

Unless you have been living under a rock over the last few weeks (God bless you if you have been), you shall have noticed the endless publicity and promotion of the reality show Love Island down the throats of the masses for the last few months.

It has gone beyond the usual cabal of general reality shows being promoted and then swiftly disappearing. In this case, even mainstream political broadcasting has gotten in on the action. It has been featured or referenced in numerous news programs, including Newsnight, Question Time and most frequently on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, in which the show seems to be more frequently pushed than on any other program. Even high profile politicians have gotten in on the act; casein point the Conservative Party pushing it by promoting their own type of water bottle as seen on the show, with anti Labour slogans such as ‘don’t let Corbyn mug you off’. They removed such an idea later on. Meanwhile Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn threw in his support for one of the contestants too.

Now why is the show being pushed so much? It is no different from any other rubbish light reality TV nonsense, and seems completely separated from politics, right?

Well, it is more connected than one thinks, and its popularity also speaks very badly of our culture too.

But firstly, I shall discuss the obvious reasons why it is so popular. As a silly reality TV series, it provides light relief from the harshness of everyday life and its drama and confrontations endlessly delight many. And given the harsh climate of the world today, where stories about Islamic extremism and the governments of Europe becoming more authoritarian, such fluffy nonsense provides an easy escapist feeling for the masses to feel calmed. As John Harris and Paul Joseph Watson have pointed out, as the world gets darker, the masses want less challenging material to eat up and vice versa. Hence why for example in the 1990s, where politics in the West was mostly peaceful with the end of the Cold War and general peace in most of the Western world (sans the former Yugoslavia), a culture of angst developed in all forms of media. Whether it be music with grunge, movies with serious political thrillers, TV shows about conspiracy theories like The X Files and Twin Peaks took off and video games of which dealt with heavier subject matter such as violence like Mortal Kombat, government conspiracies with Resident Evil and psychological horror like Silent Hill became widely popular. Now in a darker world, light reality shows like this, along with dumbed down pop music, derivative superhero movies, underwhelming and safe triple A video games, and short comedy skits on YouTube are like easy digestible junk food for the masses. Quick, easy and most importantly not good for you, it is mass produced for the masses’ garbing mouths.

But a more sinister reason is that such shows are more useful as a distraction tool for the masses, hence its endless pushing on political shows. While I’m no fan of political theorist Noam Chomsky, he is occasionally right when it comes to our society and culture at large. More specifically, his discussion of how the media endlessly pushes sports like football when it doesn’t have any meaningful impact on anyone’s life is useful as a tool to divert the masses away from things that matter and which can make them think. In short, he states how he felt that:

It offers people something to pay attention to that’s of no importance and keeps them from worrying about things that matter to their lives that they might have some idea of doing something about.

Now while I feel he was perhaps too harsh on sports (given that it helps to aid a sense of local pride within a community of which can be important for cohesion in areas like Manchester and Tottenham), with reality TV I could not agree more. Reality TV shows are not important and is so light and fluffy that it provides escapism from reality and allows people to put their energy into something that doesn’t matter to their lives, as opposed to more important factors relating to socio-economic issues that they could do something about. Hence why the likes of these politicians use this show as a way to get people on board with their programs, like say how an advertisement of a water bottle because it is linked to a show they like can then develop an unwavering bond later on to those with such a link to popular culture. Manufacturing consent you could say. After all, given the potential Brexit betrayal and the government’s refusal to do anything about a decaying society at the moment, gaining people on side via shows like this is surely a lot easier than actual good policies alone.

It also is useful to the establishment as it provides them with yet another excuse to not do anything about the continued watering down of British society as a whole. As Daily Mail columnist Peter Hitchens has pointed out, it shows that our culture is at such a low point that the once extremely taboo (that being unstimulated sex on TV) is now commonplace on national TV. Not to mention how the degradation of our language and society being pushed by a show like this doesn’t help matters too. Given our elite seems to be on the globalist gravy train, anything that undermines British values of restraint and conservative attitudes to sex (something the show pushes to a tee) is something that should be spread around. So it shreds our moral fibre too, thereby making us more accepting of our cultural decline to make way for a more globalist world.

On that note, it allows for some people (albeit not all) of those who watch such shows to become easier to control as a citizenry. Now while I don’t doubt that many of the people watching these shows are perfectly well minded, there are those who watch these shows who could be impressionable of who have no idea about what moral boundaries there are. Shows like this which advocate for hedonism and promiscuous sex (neither being good things obviously) are clearly going to damage the moral fibres of those who feel impressionable and are swayed by whatever is popular and acceptable by dominant cultural shows like this. So if this show advocates that such negative character traits (along with the bickering and sociopathic tendencies of these contestants) are OK, it must be OK to do it in everyday life right? Eroding our moral fibre makes us easier to control as it means we can no longer be as outraged as we once were at societal changes that can negatively affect us, so it is easier to bury under the rug.

So all in all, shows like Love Island are pushed by the establishment based on how their initial quality of being light escapism can be used as a means of distraction, and a way to render our moral and cultural fibres corroded for good.

We need to reject such rubbish as this if our society is to prosper once again. In times where a society unravels, moronic stuff like this often referred to as ‘bread and circuses’ becomes widespread. The original quote comes from a Roman scholar of who used it to demonstrate how Roman politicians used cheap food and entertainment to maintain power because their actual policies couldn’t do so alone anymore.

When we eventually say no to nonsense like this, it shall be for the better is all I’m saying. Because if not, we are just being mad, literally mad all the while watching our glorious nation busily heap up our own funeral pyre without turning our eyes to it.

That is what societal poison Love Island is, hence why our corrupt establishment pushes it as much as they can. It is time we said no to this.

(Articles reflect the views of the author, and not necessarily those of Luke Nash-Jones, The Red Pill Factory, or Make Britain Great Again.)

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