Crime: Druglord and Jihadi Alleys of Dick's Londonistan

SHOCK As Knives and Alcohol Sold to Little KIDS in London

In truly shocking news, over 2,500 test purchases of which were carried out by London Trading Standards (in conjunction with local councils and the Metropolitan Police as a part of Operation Spectre to reduce such crime over an 18 month scheme) revealed the age-restricted items being sold to children, with 14% of the shops selling knives and 12% selling alcohol among the 285 illegal sales recorded.

Punishments for such illegal knife purchases usually lead to six months in jail or a £5000 fine. Given the recent 12% increase in knife crime over the last twelve months (among a broader increase in crime in London too), and it already makes a bad situation all the more worse off.

The Metropolitan Police called such behaviour ‘unacceptable’ all the while deputy mayor for policing and crime Sophie Linden stated that:

The only way we are going to rid our streets of these dangerous weapons is by working together to stop them getting into the hands of young Londoners.

Sadly, the police are more interested in non-criminal “hate crimes”.

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