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Special relationship in crisis: Saudi Arabia gives USA the finger

Shocking developments: The real “special relationship”, between Saudi and the USA, is in crisis, as Riyadh stands with Iran over oil prices.

For decades, Iran has not been favourable to Western trade, but drawn close to other rebels against the petrodollar scheme, such as Russia.

Hence, the US Deep State has since Bush Snr, to Obama, to now, sought to inflame the Middle Eastern Sunni-Shia Cold War, even funding Al-Qaeda to target the Shi’a. Hence, the evil push by the CIA for a proxy war with Russia/Iran in the theatre of Syria.

With weak public support for Iraq 3.0, thanks greatly due to the British people saying no to more bloodshed in the name of oil, the USA has taken another approach – it has pushed for sanctions on Iran.

JPMorgan has said the loss of Iranian supplies could lead to a loss of 1.5 million barrels per day, while Mercuria warned that as much as 2 million bpd could be knocked out of the market.

The result is that without Iranian oil on the market, due to that old supply-demand ratio, prices have soared by 3%. The US wants Saudi to boost production to compensate, but Riyadh doesn’t feel the pinch – it’s pleased to see people pay more for its main export.

With Iran and Russia not playing ball, the USA can’t afford to lose the Saudis, or the petrodollar will collapse. The relationship between the two states will continue, but no doubt to the fury of the CIA, Riyadh is clearly wearing the trousers.

Threats to ramp up fracking in the USA and the EU have little weight as China’s output soars, though she was recently welcomed into the IMF. However, Saudi would do well not to be coy – there is one way that the USA can curb the might of oil states – a decade ago, a major world recession, like that the banks warn is about to occur now, brought the oil prices down, sharply.

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