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Popular TV show used as PROPAGANDA to DEMONISE patriots

In yet another unhealthy dose of cultural Marxism, state-owned broadcaster Channel 4 once again demonises patriotic Brits of who are worried and fearful about the rise of Islamic extremism in our society, and those of us who want to feel pride in our country as well.

In a show called Ackley Bridge (of which is about the day to day goings on about the multicultural eponymous school in a fictional Yorkshire town of the same name), the eighth episode displays severe hatred towards patriots and those worried about the rise of radical Islam in British society, under the guise that we are all supposedly far-right neo-Nazis who simply hate all Muslims. Seriously.

It starts off pretty badly in this sense, with a campaigner handing out said leaflets outside the school, whereby he yells about how the UK has become a ‘dumping ground for Muslim extremists’ and to join his group’s rally on that following Saturday, not to mention to keep ‘England English’. When confronted by staff (one of whom accuses him of distributing ‘racist propaganda’ in a school environment), he is sarcastic, states that the material isn’t racist (which it isn’t, because Muslim extremists aren’t a race, unless one views all Muslims as extremists of course, which is absurd on that notion alone) and advocates that he has ‘free speech’ rights (which he does). One staff member then threatened him with violence, stating that if the campaigner comes to the school again it won’t only be the ‘flyers he’ll lose’. To show how evil and racist the guys are, they have England tops on with a St. George’s Cross. How lovely.

Now already we are in crap creek with the distortion and lies about the populist right and their opposition towards radical Islam. To my knowledge, those on our side who hand out flyers to crowds usually don’t do it on areas like school gates and such, nor are we usually fond of having a violent confrontation with people we disagree with. Case in point, when me and others at the MBGA team were threatened with violence from the Stand Up To Racism conference last year, we calmly left the place (not that they didn’t try, but that’s a story for another time). We don’t go out and cause trouble, especially near schools as that doesn’t get us anywhere. Now there are problems with Islamist grooming gangs behaving in such a fashion, most notably in Bradford as Katie Hopkins recently exposed, but we on the populist right don’t behave in such a passive aggressive manner for obvious reasons. Meanwhile, we want to stop such gangs from conducting such despicable behaviour, and does Channel 4 have a problem with that or something? If so, it speaks very loudly of their moral code as opposed to ours on the populist right.

Besides, the seemingly hostile attitude of the aforementioned staff, especially the threat of violence was totally uncalled for. I can appreciate the campaigner was being rude and passive aggressive, but he wasn’t refusing to leave the premises, and from this, suggesting violent attacks against him for handing out flyers that some may deem offensive is not only alarming but extremely out of line. As conservative commentator Ben Shapiro once stated when faced with similar threats of violence for expressing a naughty opinion ‘that seems mildly inappropriate for a political discussion’.

To make matters worse, this condoning of unprovoked violence with people you disagree with is a constant theme all throughout this episode. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

After a brief altercation between two prominent characters in this episode, Nasreen and Samantha, among other elements, a group of students examine the leaflet of which they mock for suggesting that halal meat funds terrorism (which it does, more rather its certification as halal does), the two main characters in this episode kiss and start to form a bond of which shall become more significant later on in selling the anti-patriot propaganda.

After more plot development transpires in the episode in which Nasreen discusses how we live in a ‘Brexit, austerity Britain’ of which puts minority groups in ‘twin shackles’ of racism and homophobia – couldn’t resist, eh Channel 4? – and she has Samantha’s number written on her arm by Samantha – oddly looking like the numbers written into the arm of Donnie Darko’s in the golf scene in the 2001 cult classic Donnie Darko, but I digress – Nasreen meets Samantha at her house after talking via text. As Nasreen arrives at the house, we get an ominous shot of the St. George’s Cross flying from the house’s window (every leftie’s favourite whipping boy at this moment) and then have a discussion when they mention the shoe theft, do silly chicken jokes (apparently, this show decided to become The Room for a short time) and make love. Very nice.

After detailing her experiences with a friend, we finally see the rally take place in which… nothing really happens. The protestors yell about how it is ‘their England’ and want to protect their country for the sake of defending what their ‘grandfathers and grandmothers’ fought for in World War 2 which is freedom above anything else. Why Channel 4 would immediately insinuate that this is a bad idea is befuddling. Just because they are talking about Islamist extremism (of which is a major problem in UK, and with Islamic terror plots being stopped frequently, there’s no dancing around the issue) doesn’t delegitimise their cause. Funnily enough, they make no statements against all Muslims, nor be actually racist towards minority groups, all of which makes me wonder what part of this Channel 4 finds objectionable.

I can appreciate the left hates any criticism of Islam at all (mainly because they feel it demonises all Muslims – of which says a lot more about their worldview that it does ours on the populist right) and feel that such marches target all Muslims, all the while feel that probably these terrorists have grievance given evil European colonialism (no I am not making this up), but none of that holds up to scrutiny. The populist right are against radical Islam not all Muslims, given how an idea can be entirely separate from a person who supports it, because Sharia law’s regressive views on government, how women should be treated, how minorities should be treated (especially in the LGBT community) not to mention how intolerant it is to other worldviews, is not something a civilised, liberal democracy should bow down to. These marches and such only come about because whether it be Islamist terrorism, grooming gangs among other issues, the elite seem to remain silent all the while endlessly preaching about how Islam is a religion of peace (without bothering to read its holy books of course) and that anyone who objects is an evil bigot and Islamophobe. When this anger brews, a peaceful protest against it is perfectly legitimate, and to demonise patriots who share fears about the way extreme Islam is seemingly being ignored by our political class is utterly despicable. After all, if we can’t express such views in a peaceful manner (of which are totally legitimate), what is the alternative? Starting a riot? Confronting the authorities in aggressive ways? Or would Channel 4 prefer us to shut up for the sake of preserving their utopian leftie vision of a multicultural society, regardless of the harm that may do and the inevitable anger that may rise from it? I bet so, and from that, what an utter disgrace. It’s no surprise that the broadcaster is state-funded then; its views parrot the views of the liberal elitist class.

Not to mention how the protestors are so crudely stereotyped; often fat, wearing English flags, often bald resembling skinheads associated with actual far-right groups like the National Front and looking and acting like typical football hooligans. For a political side who claim not to judge the actions of a group by stereotypes about them, the left happily abandon that against their opponents, don’t they?

Moving on, Nasreen’s sister advocate throwing eggs unprovoked at the protestors, on the grounds that they supposedly ‘deserve it’. No they don’t. While one may find the views of someone or a group objectionable, immediately resorting to violence to counteract them not only shows you to be the overly aggressive one, it gives your opponents (no matter how awful they may be) the upper hand morally. The constant advocacy for unprovoked violence against peaceful protests and campaigners in this show is truly alarming.

To make matters worse, once Nasreen notices Samantha there (being a lesbian character, I assume this is a dig against the Gays Against Sharia group), she decides to say screw morals and throw eggs at the protestors, including Samantha. This leads to a chase scene where the group follow Nasreen through a shopping centre, quickly losing her. Now again, this is out of order and highly inaccurate. Once again, throwing eggs into the faces of your political opposition for peacefully protesting is not only wrong, but immoral. If they don’t throw the first punch, why should you fight back? Offensive tactics like this is the reason why many left-wing groups like Unite Against Fascism and the aforementioned Stand Up To Racism are not heavily popular to many; they advocate violence against people they disagree with hence making them look like violent thugs, no matter how obscene the opposition is.

Meanwhile to my knowledge, patriots don’t follow angry lefties who try to violently attack them; they let them go or let the surrounding police officers deal with them. From experience, I have noticed that patriots at rallies, no matter how angry they are, don’t fight against or follow lefties trying to cause a scene. At the Day For Freedom, me among many others in the MBGA team were left in a pub after the main event when we noticed some angry left-wing thugs outside with brass knuckles. Instead of fighting them, we let the police come and arrest them. At a recent Gays Against Sharia march I attended at Stockon-on-Tees, lefties from Stand Up To Racism who tried to storm the crowd to presumably attack the speakers were dealt with by police. Those attending the meeting, despite also being very angry about Sharia like the protestors in the programme, didn’t follow them back. To portray us on the populist right as angry Neo-Nazi skinheads deliberately wanting to attack people from ethnic minorities is not only wrong, but embarrassingly laughable, and also arguably snobby as well to working class patriots unhappy with the elite not wanting to tackle radical Islam and being sneered down by them for doing so. Also note the intentional sad music and contrasts between a baby in the group and the grown men, indicating the loss of innocence the toddler shall suffer by going down this road. Unbelievable. Talk about propaganda.

Then we get the final confrontation between Nasreen and Samantha over the latter’s political views. After a lazy ad hominem attack of ‘racist’ doesn’t fly (given as Samantha points out, she has slept with an Asian woman), the writers try to make Samantha seem dumb by her not knowing the difference between Indian and Pakistani culture when calling Nasreen’s house the former despite her heritage being the latter. Samantha then points out some legitimate grievances; her mother getting called a ‘slapper’ when passing the local mosque because of her skirt being too short or her grandfather getting spat at in a mostly non-white area, all the while pointing out that its only the extremists her group want kicked out, not all Muslims. Such problems are real, and clearly not right, and it speaks worryingly to the mindset of the writers that these problems and pointing them out (especially the extremists being kicked out) is racist and non-legitimate. Nasreen’s response is to claim that there are some who treat her bad for being ‘brown’ which is also wrong. Not to mention how the other way round Samantha was talking about her grandfather being spat upon was by people invited into the country, hence that attitude is also unacceptable and while may also underlie existing tensions too, is weird one would hold animosity like that when being welcomed into another country full of people one has the animosity towards, while the white people behaving badly also doesn’t help matters either. Either way it is unacceptable, but weird how pointing it out one way is seen as racist.

A cringey discussion of halal comes up, when Samantha states that she doesn’t want everything to become halal as it ‘funds terrorism’. Nasreen denies this, claiming it isn’t true (which it is) and Samantha discusses how her ‘grandfather’ told her that; implying that she is a misguided person wrongly being brainwashed by extremists and doesn’t understand the truth about certain issues. This is once again a disgusting smear against the British populist right who mostly do know their facts about Islamic extremism and hence use such fears to peacefully protest. There is a reason most of the populist right in Britain don’t subscribe to the views of say Timothy Scott, given that he clearly knows nothing about it, as opposed to someone like Anne Marie Waters, Douglas Murray, or Katie Hopkins who does. This is a lazy smear tactic by the left; in that their opponents are only being lied to by someone else and could be shown down the right path. What a disgusting smear.

The conversation ends with Samantha saying that there is ‘nothing wrong’ with wanting to ‘keep Britain British’, of which is treated with shock with Nasreen who argues that ‘you can be more than one thing’ when referring to her Pakistani heritage (of which no-one was arguing against). Once again, the populist right are portrayed as Neanderthal-esque bigots of who hate people of other races and cultures and should embrace multiculturalism. There is nothing wrong with wanting to preserve our culture, especially when it has been arguably the liberal elite who has been happily watering it down for the last fifty years or so, as someone like journalist Peter Hitchens points out. That doesn’t mean one can’t respect other cultures, but why should that mean accepting diluting our parent culture to do that? Legendary comedian John Cleese pointed this out when discussing London’s changing demographics.

After sweeping Sharia’s proven homophobia under the rug too, Nasreen talks about how anti-Islam marches leave her scared for weeks, usually being called a ‘terrorist’ or told to ‘go back to her country’ because of people like Samantha. Again, this is indefensible behaviour, but Enoch Powell pointed out, such behaviour underlines already existing racial tensions, and can’t be blamed simply on one expressing a politically incorrect view. Not to mention how the populist right themselves don’t subscribe to such views, and can’t have the guilt by association fallacy attached to us over that while we would condemn this sort of behaviour in full. No-one is saying all Muslims are terrorists, and we on the populist right don’t encourage that worldview, so what gives Channel 4 the right to smear us this way when discussing how all those who are anti-Sharia in their eyes anti-Muslim bigots? The hypocrisy of the left is stunning to witness.

They for the rest of the episode try reconcile such differences (despite Samantha showing continued commitment to Nasreen by refusing to share her identity about their relationship coming to light, so that people won’t ‘harass her’ too), but to no avail, all the while Samantha gets called a racist for attending the march along with a friend, including by a teacher. Lovely. And the episode further cements how Samantha is out of touch and a loner because she admits that she came from a mostly white area during her early school years and she hasn’t got many friends, thus continuing the false portrayal of patriots as lonely outsiders with nothing to do that the left loves to spin. Thus ends the episode sans the aforementioned family drama over drug addiction.

So that is the end of the episode; ugly, disgusting propaganda of which demonises patriotic right-wingers for wanting to fight against Sharia on the grounds that supposedly hate all Muslims, are aggressive towards minority groups and are uneducated bigots. Forgive me if you’ve heard all this before, and it isn’t funny anymore, especially being pushed on a popular TV show with frequent consistent over a million views in terms of viewing figures, especially when the left at large and those uninitiated with politics may just swallow such views at face value.

But to portray innocent patriots as bigoted is wrong given we have no problem with racial minority groups, with even some people from those groups (most notably YouTubers like Red Pill Phil and Jonaya, of who has attended several marches on our side). To portray them as aggressors is also wrong, given that we peacefully march against acts of terrorism and grooming gangs, all the while idiotic lefties happily do all the dirty work when it comes to the violence at these rallies, of which they stoke. To portray them as sad loners of who are being led down the wrong road by extremists is also wrong, given that we do know our stuff about these issues, as opposed to many of our leftie opponents who don’t and from this shall smear well meaning patriots as Neo-Nazis, as if we are one in the same. It is about as laughably misguided as a typical non informed music journalists listing hard rock bands like Queen, Kiss and Rush into a documentary about heavy metal; it is utterly painful to watch.

This is especially true given that the far-left and the alt-left are never given equal coverage in these shows, despite them behaving far worse.

To make matters worse, unlike something like the abysmal The Battle For Britain’s Heroes of which was mostly irredeemable as both a documentary and as propaganda, Ackley Bridge is not too bad on its own. It’s well made, has great acting, and as talked about before, does handle tricky issues like drug addiction in a smart and hard hitting way. And even stuff like the chemistry between Nasreen and Samantha is well done and feels real. Hence why such a lazy swipe against genuine patriots who care for all British citizens is so infuriating in a show that clearly means very well.

All it shows is that even half decent shows can fall flat on their faces when dealing with political subject matter it knows nothing about. The sooner shows like this stop doing that the better. It shall make these shows more watchable and make us appreciate the other qualities of the show beyond their idiotic propaganda motives, something our overall culture could learn as a result.

(Articles reflect the views of the author, and not necessarily those of Luke Nash-Jones, The Red Pill Factory, or Make Britain Great Again.)

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