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OUCH: London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s approval ratings at ALL TIME LOW

In a recent poll conducted by polling company YouGov on behalf of the Queen’s Mary University, it found that London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s approval ratings had fallen dramatically over the summer.

At the end of April, his approval ratings as to whether he was doing a good job or not were at 52% overall, and now at the beginning of September, they are at 44%. Meanwhile, over the same amount of time, his disapproval ratings went from 30% to 40%, up 10 points over the matter of a few months. The Don’t Know section didn’t change much, dropping one point from 17% to 16%.

Philip Cowley, Professor of Politics at the university, said this about the poll:

In April 2018, Sadiq Khan was still ahead among those aged 50-64, working class Londoners, those living in outer London and white voters. He’s now behind among all of these groups. When we first started polling, he was one of the most popular politicians in Britain. Such was his cross-party support, he even had net positive support from Conservative voters. Those days are long gone.

Cowley, 2018

This suggests that Khan, despite once having the likable personality to have won over the majority of Londoners including members from his opposition party, has lost a lot of support over the last few months, of which seems he shall never get back.

This could be attributed to the high rise of crime over his tenure, among other things, but this is just speculation.

The poll also found that former UKIP leader Nigel Farage (who has previously teased about standing for London Mayor in the 2020 elections) wasn’t necessarily a popular candidate for the position, with only 22% supporting him for the job, and a further 62% opposing it. 16% stated that they didn’t know.

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