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CRAZY Labour MP wants to make misogyny a HATE CRIME

When you thought idiocy in the Labour Party and among feminists couldn’t get any sillier, it has. During the debate over the completely useless upskirting bill, Stella Creasy (currently the Labour and Co-operative MP for Walthamstow) has added an amendment to the bill that advocates that misogyny be an aggravating factor, thereby making it a part of where the case the judge in a court of law has to consider when sentencing someone over upskirting.

In other words, effectively make misogyny a hate crime in the UK, thereby meaning more freedoms are being drained away in the process. What a great time to be alive eh?

Now before I get away backlash for this, I completely appreciate that upskirting is a disgusting, lewd practice that should be frowned upon, but at the same time whether it needs the force of the law (already stretched to breaking point it seems) is another matter entirely.

Meanwhile, Creasy is using this as a way to further push making misogyny in general a hate crime. This is her statement:

“Upskirting is a classic example of a crime in which misogyny is motivating the offence. We protect women in the workplace from discrimination on grounds of their sex, but not in the courtroom – with upskirting, street harassment, sexually based violence and abuse a part of life for so many it’s time to learn from where misogyny has been treated as a form of hate crime and end this gap.”

This is yet another case of a miserable feminist MP abusing her position to control society and its culture to make women a protected class, while portraying men as all evil sexist pigs. Given how that is ironically sexist towards women (implying women aren’t capable of protecting themselves without the power of a stronger power to do so), it seems weird that any so called feminist pushes for legislation that permeates a stereotype of women being weak on their own.

Then again, she is a Labour MP; the party that helped to cover up various Muslim rape gangs of who targeted both young white and Sikh girls, endorse segregated meetings between the sexes in Muslim majority areas, pushes legislation of which favours transgender men at the expense of female safety and wouldn’t even accept the manifesto of Britain’s main feminist party; the Women’s Equality Party unlike all of the other major parties according to a former council candidate for said party.

The Labour Party has been dead for ages and has been pandering to identity politics since the late 1980s to make up for its shortcomings. However long it takes for that niche to fall off is anyone’s guess. Hopefully this bill shall be defeated in Parliament like it was the last time it was proposed and some freedom (what little we have left) shall be maintained.

On a final note, this also shows why feminism is now unpopular among women nowadays, with only 38% of American women identifying as feminists, and only 7% of British women identifying as so. Pandering to endless middle class feminist causes as opposed to something the majority of women of whatever class can back is very alienating especially when it hurts both women and men in equal measure. Spiked writer Ella Whelan in a recent edition of Question Time heavily criticised such a bill for increasing the size of the state and intervening for needlessly in women’s lives, and despite being criticised for it by screeching social justice warrior Afua Hirsch who lied to her over women being sexually harassed during work (more about her here), she had a point. Feminism is useful for the state to not only look good in front of voters, but the draconian measures they push help to make the state gain more power, something measures pushed by the likes of Creasy aid. Her book on the problems with third wave feminism is titled What Women Want: Fun, Freedom and an End to Feminism. All I can say is if that is what women truly want, the sooner it does, the better. It is about time third wave feminism comes to end or radically changes to be about more than authoritarian japes against law abiding citizens who want to get on with their lives. That is one of the many steps we can take to help to make Britain, along with the rest of the West, great again.

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