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Britain shall ‘NOT PAY’ the Brexit Bill: Raab puts his FOOT DOWN

In a recent interview with the Sunday Telegraph, Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab has warned the European Union that Britain shall not pay the current EU divorce bill (of which is up to £39 billion at this point), unless the political bloc fulfils ‘its side of the bargain’, by offering a trade deal with us.

The former pro-Leave MP, of who replaced David Davis in the role of Brexit Secretary after he resigned over his disappointment with the Chequers deal, stated that there wasn’t a possible way to pay off the Brexit Bill if the European Union doesn’t uphold its end of the offer by giving Britain a ‘future framework’ after we leave the bloc in March of next year.

Such a statement comes among a furtherly divided government over the situation surrounding Brexit (with an alleged conspiracy of 50 MPs planning to remove Prime Minister Theresa May over their displeasure of her handling of Brexit), not to mention Michael Barnier stating how a settlement between Britain and the European Union could be reached as early as November 2018.

Either way, Raab putting his foot down against the bureaucratic EU is a nice change from the seeming capitulation that the British government has so far undertaken towards them, culminating in the Chequers deal, of which as Leave.EU points out, is not truly leaving the European Union at all, as we are still subject to their rules and regulations over trade among other aspects, including maintaining open borders with the bloc.

Whether this is just simple grandstanding for now is yet to be seen. All I can say is that it is at least nice to have a government representative playing a different tune to the endless brownnosing the government has so far done over Brexit.

Let’s hope they can continue this line of rhetoric so we can leave the bloc on a strong footing. Only time shall tell however.

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