Brexit: Bacon-Munching Proud Gammons Defending Borders


In a recent turn of events, prolific anti Islam activist Tommy Robinson has been rejected from the UK Independence Party after an initial proposition advocating the idea of him joining the party has been turned down by the party’s chairman Tony McIntyre.

In his statement (cited in Kipper Central), he discussed how that conference motions must be put forward by a UKIP branch, and the motion was therefore blocked as it only was put forward by two party members (their Family And Children Spokesman Alan Craig and prominent member of the party’s youth wing Young Independence Reece Coombes).

This is his statement:

I have made it a point during my tenure as Chairman of the Party to adhere strictly to the Party Rules, as they are the backbone of the Party. I believe strongly in freedom of speech and would suggest that this motion is presented to the next Autumn Party Conference via the correct channels. I take full responsibility for this error in judgement as it is mine and mine alone.

Blackman, 2018

Some who support the motion argue that since it was an emergency motion (of which according to the party’s rulebook, can be put forward without the backing of a branch due to a ‘major political change’ within UKIP), it should have been put forward regardless. This includes Coombes.

Now letting Robinson into UKIP has been met with mixed reaction.

On the one hand, he has major support from the party, mainly through prominent members conducting interviews with him and the likes of leader Gerard Batten and peer Lord Pearson defending him during his recent run in jail over his charging with contempt of court.

That being said, persons such as Ben Walker of the UKIP NEC have commented on Robinson’s varied past. Some object to him being a member of three groups proscribed from the party, including the British Freedom Party, the British National Party (of which he left as they wouldn’t accept his black friends to one of their meetings) and the English Defence League, of which he led from 2009 until 2013.

Whether this shall mean Robinson is permanently banned from UKIP is yet to be seen.

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