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BREAKING: President Trump CUTS foreign aid to Pakistan and Palestine

In a show of strength, President Trump and the Pentagon cuts $300 million of foreign aid to Pakistan and $350 million to Palestine.

The reasons for such cuts vary. Firstly, for Pakistan, both Trump and the US government at large have shown worries about the way that Pakistan has dealt with Islamic extremism, not to mention a potential anti-American sentiment in the country. According to Reuters, the specific reason for Trump cutting the aid to Pakistan is because of how allegedly, Islamabad (the capital of Pakistan) has become a safe haven for Islamic militants fleeing Afghanistan, a claim of which the country denies.

The idea of cutting foreign aid to Pakistan has been floated around for a while in the United States. As far back as January of this year, President Trump urged to cut aid, given that he felt that the Pakistani government had given the US nothing but ‘deceit and lies’, and the continuing money they give the country should do so ‘no more’. On top of this, Senator for Kentucky Rand Paul has previously advocated to taking foreign aid money from Pakistan to pay more the emergency relief for the various hurricanes the US experienced last year, all the while has attempted to pass such a bill in the Senate but up to this point no avail.

Meanwhile, such a slash could be reversed if the country changes its behaviour towards such a problem, the US have stated. Given that now they have a new Prime Minister in former cricketeer Imran Khan of who has promised to crack down on both corruption and Islamic extremism in the country (all the while maintaining good relations with the United States), such issues may only be temporary.

For Palestine, the reason is more to do with fiscal issues and the aim of the cash not being met. According to The Times, the aid was being cut because of how fiscally unsustainable it was, all the while failing to solve the situation of the Palestinian refugees over the disputed territory in Gaza. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has condemned the cuts for being apparently ‘shameful’.

So in another show of strength for the US, Trump is putting his foot down yet again over mismanagement by previous administrations under the notion of globalist politics and supposedly looking good on the world stage instead of becoming a major player on it. Once again, Trump is putting America first and is proving once again why he is the best American President of the 21st century and the best one we have seen for a few generations.

If only other world leaders world take note.

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