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A Tale Of Two Athletes

I’m sure that by now, you have all heard about tennis player Serena Williams’ infamous temper tantrum over losing to Naomi Osaka. Back at the US Open Women’s Singles Final earlier this year, she was notoriously losing against Osaka, of which was made all the worse by how the umpire Carlos Ramos was heavily penalising her, because of Serena’s coach illegally coaching her from the box (of which the coach himself confirmed, despite Williams’ pleas), not to mention through verbal abuse and breaking her racket was furtherly penalised. In the end, Osaka won the match, and in turn became the first Japanese player to do so, something the athlete was planning to achieve.

Such optimism and achievement was drowned out however through Williams’ temper tantrum, culminating in her claiming that she was harshly treated as she was a woman, indicating that the umpire was sexist, of which was maybe the worst temper tantrum shown by a sportsperson this side of footballer Luis Suarez biting his opponents. Not to mention in the conference afterwards, she claimed that she was ‘fighting for women’s rights’ and Osaka’s victory ceremony was crudely pruned by the bad atmosphere, with the boos echoing in the arena in which it took place like it was the two minutes of hate from 1984. All was settled however when Serena told the crowd to calm down and in turn celebrate Osaka’s win.

And the story should just end there clearly. What happened clearly was that a professional athlete who is past their glory days lost their temper after being beaten by someone far better than them, all the while missing the chance to win a record in her case (that being for Serena a 25th Grand Slam title). She was clearly a very sore loser, and in her bad tempered ways, blamed other people for her failings other than herself. She used lazy ad hominem attacks to make up for the fact that she cheated, had played poorly and had thrown hissy fits clearly in violation of the rules of the game and hence was rightly punished for it, allowing the more professional player in Osaka to win. A clear cut case surely.

However, given that we live in cloud cuckoo land otherwise known as our wise current progressive year of 2018, people of course defended Serena Williams, insinuating that her b*llsh*t claims of sexism were valid. They include the usual suspects; the Women’s Tennis Association backed her cause, former tennis player Billie Jean King said that she had pointed out a double standard in the sport between the genders, current former male tennis player James Blake said similar sentiments, women’s rights activist Charlene Carruthers said such behaviour is something all women could ‘relate’ to and of course the entire mainstream leftist media have her back too.

The Guardian‘s Anna Kessel described her behaviour as bearing the ‘brunt of double standards in tennis’. Australian outlet The New Daily‘s Tom Heenan called her ‘absolutely right’. Sky News claimed that she ‘broke silence’ over the whole issue. CNN (surprise, surprise) said she was ‘right to claim sexism’. And finally, the most laughable example of this came from a Channel 4 ‘debate’ where both sides agreed that the umpire was sexist, women are treated worse in sport as a whole, there was potential racism involved too and she is akin to other leftist sporting icon (and utter tw*t) Colin Kaepernick, who was also heralded for his bravery and daring nature because the establishment completely and utterly backed him like they are doing with Serena here. Notice the dislike to like ratio on that video too, of which clearly shows that people aren’t as stupid as you think.

But as per usual when it comes to this stuff, they are backing a total fraud and definitely the wrong horse. After all, she did objectively cheat as her coach admitted to. Also, this umpire has had similar clashes with other tennis players Novak Djokovic and Sir Andy Murray in the past due to his strict rules, so it isn’t like this guy is not treating the men equally as he does the women. Presumably, had Williams not have cheated, his penalising would have been far less harsh. Not to mention how Williams herself is clearly no champion for women of who she has variously clashed with during tennis matches over her career, most notably the lineswoman during the 2009 US Open match against her opponent Kim Clijsters, of which the abuse directed towards her was described by The Telegraph as a ‘foul-mouthed rant’ against her.

Meanwhile, male tennis players like John McEnroe and Fabio Fognini have been treated very harshly for bad sportsmanship, so it’s not like there is a double standard when it comes to how the genders are treated in the sport. This is clearly yet another case of feminists backing someone because she is a celebrity woman of who they can push for more propaganda about a supposed patriarchy in society (of which doesn’t exist) to push for more supposed equality in the sport that shall only benefit one side of the equation here, with women potentially getting special treatment in the sport while men are expected to play by the rules. That is clearly equality for the leftist feminist. The irony being that most of the leftists and feminists sticking up for Serena are arguably playing the bigotry of low expectations card here, feeling as though Williams’ claims must be true as she is oppressed for being a woman by default, not realising of course that as a millionaire with a long career in the sport, one would expect she should be able to handle herself as a strong independent woman without the leftist press (including many soyboys… I mean men) coming to her rescue, with even some whinging about a cartoon about her whining, decrying it as ‘racist’. Really. One can only laugh at the stupidity.

Not to mention how such behaviour on Williams’ behaviour isn’t exactly the best for women to follow, the irony of which is utterly hilarious. Firstly, there is her character. I don’t see how a bad tempered sore loser who has clashed with other women in the past over petty things like tennis positions and losing games is something one would want women as a whole to adopt. Not to mention her bullying Ramos (of which has led to other umpires defending him and trying to create unions to protect other umpires from receiving similar abuse) seems like a very bad thing to do as a potential role model. Also, her bullying other women numerous times is not exactly feminist either. Nor is her being sponsored by a company like Nike of which are a company notoriously exploitative of sweatshop labour in the third world, including on many women, of which clearly doesn’t empower the women in those countries.

Finally, the cornerstone of this sh*tshow was how at Osaka’s ceremony, an ominous atmosphere filled the air as boos about Williams’ losing undermined Osaka’s victory, of which is not only a major achievement for her, but her country at large. A supposed feminist has literally made her temper tantrum the main story, figuratively stealing the victory from Osaka (a woman too) and presumably ruining the moment for her too. Amazing. And similar to actress Roxanne Pallett’s sinister use of female victimhood to try and sabotage fellow contestant Ryan Thomas’ progress in Celebrity Big Brother earlier this year by claiming he punched her when he was just playfighting, Williams is using a victim narrative as society has legitimised victimhood to the point where narcissistic celebrities and people as a whole use it for their own devices.

After all, given that popular culture has pushed hedonism, nihilism and selfishness over the last half century or so, the end results are here for all to see, and it’s ugly indeed, especially considering how many lives it has helped to ruin over that time period and how disgusting it is that these horrible people use such devices to their own ends to both gain aid from their prominent friends and exploit the good nature of people who quite rightly hate sexism. Dreadful, isn’t it?

Now on the other hand, we have former golfing superstar Tiger Woods, who is seeming to be making a comeback this year. During a Q&A session, he was asked a question about President Donald Trump, of who the two are good friends. The question asked his opinions on President Trump because of how supposedly certain communities felt ‘threatened’ by him, he responded about how ‘we all should respect the office [of the President of the United States]’, no matter who held it. The reporter was clearly trying to goad him on leftist politics, trying to also ask Woods about race relations, of which Woods jokingly stated that he had just ‘finished 72 holes’ and was ‘really hungry’. A perfectly rational response. President Trump then later praised Woods in a tweet later on that day, also complimenting Woods for how he was playing ‘great golf again’.

Now given that Woods is black (so therefore according to the progressive left, immediately an oppressed minority), one would expect the media would back him right? Err… no. Quite the contrary actually. A good chunk of the leftist press went nuts over a major celebrity holding an apolitical position on their number one target President Trump. The IOTW Report called Woods’ response ‘underwhelming’. Hollywood Life‘s Jason Brow claimed that his comments weren’t a ‘hole in one’, an unsubtle nod to Woods’ golfing career. The Sun‘s Sam Morgan implied that such a position was so controversial that it was something Woods had to ‘defend’. But the most hilarious reaction came from EPSN‘s Max Kellerman, who was apparently ‘angry’ at what Woods said, on the grounds that it was ‘thoughtless’ and held his audience in ‘contempt’.

So here is yet another example of the double standards the left wing media employs when it comes to people. On the one hand, Serena Williams’ temper tantrum was seen as perfectly OK because of her minority status, of which they then use as a springboard to complain about how the sport of tennis is swamped with sexism and racism, despite the various contradictions it presents (mainly that Williams’ opponent was a woman and she has a history of treating other women like dirt if they don’t agree with her). She is a useful idiot to these people.

On the other hand, Woods being apolitical and focusing on his day job has made these people nuts as it means one less celebrity to push their phoney anti-Trump cause to try and further delegitimise his Presidency. In that way, progressivism is like a cult: all harmonious provided all are on the same page, but if you dare step out of line, you are seen as a traitor and hated by the cult’s members. To make matters worse, their paranoid hysteria shows that as they know that their political power is waning in the West after having dominated it for decades after the Second World War, inevitably culture shall come next. As media mogul Andrew Breitbart said ‘politics is downstream from culture’ and the left are fearful that when they lose that part of the power struggle in this ongoing culture war, their message shall slowly die. Hence why any potential big name ally they can use frightens them: it means that they know that their position is less safe than it already is, and having kept that power for so long they don’t want to let it go any time soon. It’s the same way an average dictatorship goes: control whatever power they can seize and be in a complete panic when you start to lose it as it inevitably leads to that power waning, like say Mao Zedong before death apparently resenting it as he would inevitably lose his power. The left hate losing their power and hence any opportunity they miss to keep it they panic hence their anguish over Woods’ rejection to be goaded in to giving a political diatribe. And to think being apolitical is the point that they get angry at Tiger Woods for, given his litany of other reasons for that.

Finally, it also arguably shows the left’s prejudices towards said minorities. After all, look at their embracing of Williams when she fitted into their idea of identity politics; that black women are inevitably oppressed and therefore need as much help as possible. Meanwhile Tiger Woods didn’t follow the same script despite being a black man who accordingly to the left should hate Trump because he is black, so flip when he doesn’t follow their narrative. They treat people based on only their stereotypes of their backgrounds and judge them on that basis, and if that isn’t racism and sexism on their behalf I don’t know what is. Similar with how rapper Kanye West was accused by some of thinking like a white guy for backing Trump, or how American white women were demonised for not voting for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential election, the left love to put people into boxes, as it fits with their worldview of these people being in a collective, and therefore easier to control than an individual to maintain power. Social campaigner Antonia Okafor explains it brilliantly. But overall, both tales have their own conclusions beyond the obvious. Good on Woods for being apolitical and deciding to focus on his day job instead of pleasing the left wing press. Shame on Williams for being a terribly bad loser and using his failings to whinge like a baby about sexism, thereby playing into the left’s hands. And shame on the left overall for judging these people as their traits, not their individual character, so that they can continuously play divide and conquer to maintain power.

Thankfully more people are waking up to this nonsense and its about time. The sooner we start following the words of Martin Luther King about race, the better society as a whole shall be for it. Identity politics is a cancer that needs to die, and thankfully with the rise of populist politics to combat it across the Western world, that day is getting closer and closer. I can’t wait.

(Articles reflect the views of the author, and not necessarily those of Luke Nash-Jones, The Red Pill Factory, or Make Britain Great Again.)

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