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The elite is full of paedophiles. Why do you think they promote it so much?

Ah Facebook. Once a shining light of hope in terms of sharing connections and information, it is now a cesspool of vulgarity, lies and having an addictive quality akin to that of cocaine. These criticisms among other issues are why the crew here at the Make Britain Great Again will be having a protest against such problems with Facebook, Twitter and the BBC, later on this week.

We (including myself) will speak against such problems in an effort to raise awareness and hopefully change it, and even if the protest falls on many a deaf ear, the important nature of it is reason enough to complain.

Now one main criticism that we have is the double standard Facebook imposes when it comes to censorship. This is because while they go out of their way to censor fake news and hate speech, this often resulted in moderate conservatives getting pulled from the platform. This included posts on our Facebook page, most notably ones about criticising paedophiles, something we heavily criticised during one of our livestreams.

One reason I suggested to explain this blanket ban was because of how the elite was crawling with paedophiles, and criticism of such behaviour would be subsequently seen as unacceptable on that platform. This article is a description of such behaviour.

Let’s examine the nitty gritty here; for years there has been an attempt by the MSM and our culture at large to promote or downplay paedophilia for whatever reason. This isn’t some tin foil hat conspiracy either. There have been numerous examples of such behaviour in recent years. Most notably, this came in form of the media outlet Salon giving a platform to Todd Nickerson, who openly admitted to having a thing for children, culminating in a video whereby he declared that he wasn’t a monster, described his sick fantasies about loving children all the while having a dreamy looking clip of a young girl in a ballerina costume in the background. He criticised anyone who (quite rightly) called him out on his behaviour as part of the ‘vile right-wing hate machine’. Because apparently right-wingers worried about young children getting raped by disgusting individuals like Nickerson are cranks who should have people turn their noses up at them, more so than the actual paedophile here. Salon quite rightly then unpublished the articles after much uproar.

Meanwhile, BBC Three (the outlet of our public broadcaster aimed at a teenage audience I might add) released a similar article called ‘Paedophiles need help, not condemnation – I should know’ where an anonymous individual (surprise, surprise) discussed how paedophiles like the author were misunderstood and wouldn’t want to harm children. That’s nice and all, but why is our public broadcaster giving a platform to people like this who openly admit to sexually preferring children and treating disgusting elements in our society like paedophile online relationships (with the author discussing how he found a woman online who was LIKE HIM), given that such people are clearly those who should be looked at by a doctor, not emboldened by a public broadcaster, especially given the harmful message that it sends out, that being paedophilia is OK?

Meanwhile, various Hollywood movies have had similar messages about paedophilia. Most notably 1997’s Lolita actually asked the audience to be sympathetic towards the main character WHO WAS A PAEDOPHILE, not to mention how he abducted the title character to pursue his romantic relationship with her after her mother died. The film was so controversial at the time that it took time to get distribution in both the USA and Australia, all the while the British Board of Film Classification brought in experts and child psychologists to assess whether the film was harmful or not.

In 1999, American Beauty was released and focused a good chunk of the run time on a main character (now laughably played by alleged paedophile Kevin Spacey) who was stalking his teenage daughter’s friend because he had a crush on her, all the while treating his wife like dirt. And while the character doesn’t go through with the deed, the fact that the film didn’t criticise his behaviour is rather telling. Admittedly, it was quite uplifting to see him shot in the back of the head at the end of the film. Ten years later, The Hangover made several inappropriate jokes about a baby engaging in lewd sexual acts like masturbation for example. 2017’s Call Me By Your Name has received heavy criticism from conservative commentators for supposedly endorsing a paedophilic relationship between a 17 year old boy and a 24 year old student. The left didn’t care though. They ate up the film (mainly because it was a ‘powerfully affecting portrait of first love’) and comedian Jimmy Kimmel brought up the film at the recent Oscars ceremony whereby he stated that films like that are made to ‘upset [Vice President of the United States] Mike Pence’. Ah, the left. Laughing and cheering at their own jokes because no-one else can, typical of bad comedians in general.

Speaking of the left, their hero Peter Tatchell co-wrote a book called The Betrayal of Youth back in 1980, which called generally for the legalisation of sex with children, while his chapter (as activist against child rape, Luke Nash-Jones, frequently points out) questioning whether 16 was the right age of consent, and wrote similarly about such behaviour both for the Outrage! Campaign (which itself campaigned for lowering the age of consent) in 1996 and in 1997 for The Guardian whereby he advocated that ‘not all sex involving children is unwanted, abusive and harmful’. While he has distanced himself from such works later on (advocating that he wouldn’t have co-written the book had he known about the genuine paedophiles involved in it) he still maintains that people shouldn’t be arrested for their behaviour for having sex with minors, even if he stated that he disagrees with the act itself. Whether he is serious or just covering his own back (especially given the flip-flop views on paedophilia) is unclear. Meanwhile MP Harriet Harman (the arch feminist in Westminster) has been linked along with various other MPs to Liberty, which was linked to the Paedophile Information Exchange, which was calling for child sex and lobbied heavily for it.

So, you may be wondering why paedophilia, a reprehensible act made illegal in most decent countries, is being promoted heavily by the dominant culture at large. The reason? Because the elite (who dominate the important facets of society) revel in it. Make no mistake; a good chunk of the top brass in society get up to such behaviour. The most prominent example is how the various Islamist grooming gangs sweeping up and down the country are covered up by the elite who regularly run the councils ignorant of such behaviour until it is staring at them right in the face. Usually, it would be out of pathetic fears of being called a ‘racist’, but sometimes the reasoning is a lot sicker than that. Take for example how in Rotherham, a councillor gave a CHARACTER REFERENCE for one of the accused groomers in a town whereby accusations had been ignored by the authorities for nearly 2 decades until the Jay Report forced their hand, even if such nasty behaviour is still operating in the town. There are also accusations of how police officers got involved with the groomers in their sex with minors, similar to how in Telford, councillors were among the accused when it came to allegations of prominent grooming gangs stretching as far back as over 40 years.

So not only are the authorities scared of being called racist because of their fear of not wanting to be hostile to a foreign culture, feeling that they shouldn’t judge bad behaviour from a different culture but also because some authorities share similar urges and sympathies with the groomers in question.

Meanwhile, Muslim grooming gangs are only scratching the surface when it comes to elites being involved in the sexual conduct of minors. Take for example another religion, that of Catholicism, more specifically how the Catholic Church had numerous priests have sex with minors and covered it up for decades too. The 2015 film Spotlight is the best representation of this abuse and the lives it helped to destroy. To this day, the behaviour still goes on, and the various priests involved haven’t been prosecuted because of their elite status, and the reluctance of the various Popes to act against this reprehensible behaviour.

On top of this, various cases of sex child trafficking ring busts often involve the elite. Take for example the launch of Operation Yewtree, whereby former BBC presenter Jimmy Savile had various accusations about him (entering the hundreds) covered up for years by his friends in the entertainment industry and political friends. The subsequent investigations of Operation Yewtree led to several arrests, including those of glam rocker Gary Glitter (himself already convicted of possessing child porn in the late 1990s) and publicist Max Clifford, who then died in prison to no tears spilt.

Meanwhile, in 2008 financer Jeffrey Epstein was convicted for soliciting prostitution from girls aged as young as 14, mainly through his ‘Orgy Island’ whereby he would go to have sex with young girls, all the while having celebrity friends (like former US President Bill Clinton and actor Kevin Spacey) come along with him. There is also allegedly a similar scandal among British MPs yet to be uncovered, meanwhile former British MP Cyril Smith has similar accusations spanning decades, and alleged attempts to cover up his deeds were heavily criticised by Wigan MP Lisa Nandy. Australia has an allegedly similar problem with its MPs too. Meanwhile Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page abducted and potentially raped a 14-year-old groupie and former Judas Priest drummer Dave Holland was convicted in 2004 for having sex with a minor.

And if anything good came out of the #MeToo movement, it finally brought down titans within the movie industry who had gotten away with their bad behaviour for decades and exposed a legitimate rape culture in the industry, which up until that point had been dismissed as conspiracy. The most notable example of this being how film director Roman Polanski has often been excused for drugging and raping a young girl in the 1970s (leading him to flee the United States) by Hollywood actors at large, who signed a petition to allow him back into the United States. The fact that it took the #MeToo movement to have him removed from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences says a lot to the sympathy he has in Hollywood.

The contrast between the reception of director Elia Kazan winning his honorary Oscar (whereby various Hollywood lefties sat down and didn’t applaud him because of his involvement with the House Committee of Un-American Activities to weed out communists in the film industry) and to Polanski winning the Best Director Oscar in 2002 for The Pianist (whereby the audience were in seemingly unanimous in applause and some in standing ovation) speaks very loudly of both their sympathy to Polanski, and the backwards moral relativist politics of Hollywood, whereby disagreeing with someone politically is far worse than raping a child.

So, in conclusion, our elite is full of paedophiles and is using their power to promote that sort of behaviour. The only thing we can do about it at the time being is to demand change, both by boycotting any facet of popular culture that endorses paedophilia all the while voting out corrupt politicians and councillors who get involved in that sort of behaviour, and to expose it later on.

That is the simple solution. A more concrete one is to have tougher sentencing for such crimes when they are exposed. This is most notable in arguably bringing back the death penalty, which has been abolished for over 5 decades in the UK and is needed once again to get rid of these rats. After all, it seems strange that the rise of such people in our media and establishment has exploded with the correlation of abolishing the one guaranteed deterrent against it. And while one may say my suggestion is a tad extreme, I would argue that tough times call for tough measures. We need to establish the rule of law again in the West otherwise such behaviour is only going to carry on and on. The banning of exposing such behaviour by Facebook is one symptom of a very wide problem, which will only get worse as the years go by if nothing is done to tackle it.

(Articles reflect the views of the author, and not necessarily those of Luke Nash-Jones, The Red Pill Factory, or Make Britain Great Again.)

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