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SHOCK And Confusion As The Labour Party BACKS Luke Nash-Jones

To my surprise, Labour Party officers are promoting my Facebook page on official Labour outlets. (No, I have not joined their Party, and have no plans ever to.)

I find this hard to believe, but it’s real >>

If the post is removed, here is an archived copy of the page, featuring the post >>

The post featured praise, with calls for Luke Nash-Jones to become Labour leader!

Without wanting to blow my own trumpet, my carefully-worded message, albeit right-wing, addresses the serious problems that working class Britons face. High unemployment. The housing crisis. Rising crime. Everyone, be they capitalist or socialist, feels this pain and suffering ignored by the political parties.

These well paid politicians do publicity stunts to show off, trying to out do each other at being politically correct. The people of Britain don’t want that. We want someone to speak about real problems. To speak about that pain we feel.

(Articles reflect the views of the author, and not necessarily those of Luke Nash-Jones, The Red Pill Factory, or Make Britain Great Again.)

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