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Instagram Has BANNED Mixed Race #FreeTommy Activist Luke Alexander

Luke Alexander, 28, a #FreeTommy activist from Cambridge has been banned from Instagram.

He is a ‘right-wing’ activist, associated with Make Britain Great Again, who organised a #FreeTommy rally in Cambridge last month.

Alexander said: “I’ve supported Tommy Robinson for quite a few years and follow the same views he does. I decided to do my part for the Free Tommy movement, so I created an event in Cambridge last month, where we had a few speeches and then where confronted by the violent left and Antifa who tried to disrupt our speeches and they were very violent.”

He, Luke Nash-Jones, and Brian Calder had to be escorted by the police, as they departed from the rally, due to threats by Antifa thugs.

He posted a picture criticising Islam and says his account has been banned. This ban comes just days after InfoWars was banned from YouTube and Facebook.

You can follow Luke Alexander on Facebook here.

Alexander said: ”Within a short hours of posting this my Instagram kept freezing so I restarted the app and cannot now access my account, seems to be a regular occurrence for us that criticize Islam and the problems within the ideology due to the lefty bias moderators of all these social media platforms.”

“Nothing compared to the violence and death threats for myself and family I have received over the time I have done this for.”

Tommy Robinson has also been banned on Instagram, a Facebook-owned photo app and said: “Facebook will soon close us down.”

A source told The Guardian: “The account was reported by a radical leftist for ‘violating’ Instagram’s community guidelines regarding ‘bullying.’”

“One of Instagram’s moderation team decided it broke the rules and suspended the account, unwittingly they put themselves in the middle of a major culture clash over the limits of free speech.”

(Articles reflect the views of the author, and not necessarily those of Luke Nash-Jones, The Red Pill Factory, or Make Britain Great Again.)

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