The Culture War: Meme Farmers Smash Gramsci's Anglophobia

Bankers DEMAND Spain take 5 million ‘Refugees’ to REPLACE Spanish Youth

The IMF, the international bank, have claimed Spain needs 5 million ‘Refuges’ to pay tax to fund pensions for the elderly. However, Spain has 34% youth unemployment. Why can’t these young people be employed instead?

Even though Spain already has that huge wealth of untapped human potential suffering from unemployment, the IMF insisted that mass migration is the solution, by “increas[ing] the number of contributors to the pension system”.

This is literally cultural Marxism. The West would have to be de-Christianised, said Gramsci, by means of a “long march through the culture.” He suggested that the new proletariat be comprised of many CRIMINALS, women, and racial minorities. Basically, bin the white man, or in this case, they want to replace the Spanish people.

As Breitbart London previously reported, authorities estimate more than 50,000 sub-Saharan Africans are waiting in Morocco to travel to Spain after a series of pro-open borders moves by the government, which went out of its way to welcome boats of illegal immigrants refused permission to disembark in Italy.

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