Brexit: Bacon-Munching Proud Gammons Defending Borders

Who knew a former star of The Apprentice would be so woke on politics?

Well, here’s a surprise. A prominent celebrity actually both acknowledging the political realities of their country while also being balanced and pragmatic?

It seems like a rare trick these days, especially given the collective collapse of the leftist celebrity class over both Brexit in Great Britain and Donald Trump’s Presidential election in the United States, but one particular celebrity has managed to pull it off.

Michelle Dewberry, who won the famous reality show The Apprentice and is quite frequently featured in the British media (most notably on Sky News’ The Pledge), recently made a video about the whole Tommy Robinson fiasco titled ‘Free Tommy Robinson Movement’, of which is many descriptions, but most of all surprising.

Surprising in how carefully thought out it is.

Surprising in how balanced it is.

Surprising in how rational it is.

And surprising in how fair it is.

In the video, Dewberry discusses how she first brought up the subject during an episode of The Pledge (kudos on her for doing so too) and then discusses her general thoughts on the subject matter. While she acknowledges that she felt that Tommy’s behaviour was wrong and deserving of the conviction he received, she was worried by the ‘alarming’ speed in which he was arrested not to mention how she feels that the whole #FreeTommy movement was emblematic of a wider issue: the working class of Great Britain constantly being ignored by the establishment (especially about, as she sees it, their worries about Islamism and those in power ‘going against their will’) and wishing to have their voices heard at any cost.

She then uses the subject as a follow on through to discuss other ways the working class over the last few years have shown their frustrations at being ignored in this manner. Most notably, she brings up the rise of UKIP in 2013-4 and how that made the then Conservative government panic into delivering a referendum on the EU issue. On top of this, she discusses as to how it related to the (quite real) fears of both immigration and how it changed communities through its lack of integration.

Given that the EU was at least partially to blame for this (making up half of all immigration to the UK, according to Migration Watch), the people turning against the EU made rational sense as Dewberry explains.

She also brings up the failure of both the major parties on this issue (describing both her disappointment with the Conservative government’s handling of Brexit, especially since they were seemingly unprepared for a Leave vote, and bringing up former Prime Minister David Cameron’s disgusting ‘fruitcakes’ comment over UKIP voters) and then shows how through similar actions by the political class (mainly London Mayor Sadiq Khan calling the then upcoming pro Tommy Robinson protest as ‘extreme far right’ on Good Morning Britain) still worry her.

This is because while she acknowledges that some far right cranks do show up at these events to cause trouble, most of them are ordinary decent people who have felt disenfranchised for years over such issues and are still being ignored and slandered by the establishment class.

The sort of decent person who voted for UKIP. The sort of decent person who hates the EU for legitimate reasons. The sort of decent person who hates mass immigration despite not having the problem with the individual immigrant, but rather as a collective, some groups refuse to integrate, tearing the social fabric of our society to shreds. The sort of decent person worried about Pakistani Muslim grooming gangs in their towns, and how the authorities have covered up such cases for decades for fear for being called racist. The sort of decent person worried about frequent Islamist terrorist attacks. The sort of decent person willing to stand against these elements, despite the establishment smears.

She then concludes the video on a warning, but with a partially optimistic outlook too. She warns that if such people continue to be delegitimised as shoved to the sidelines as ‘far right’ they will eventually gravitate towards such groups, undermining legitimate moderate conversations we should be having over the subject matter.

Such fears are not unfounded. After all, just less than a decade ago, the British National Party had developed enough clout to win two European Parliament seats in 2009, and threatened to take the seat of Barking in London during the 2010 general election, making it arguably the most hotly contested seat in that election. Given that she rightly acknowledged that there is arguably no one eligible to vote for in the current political system, a rise in support for another extremist party isn’t something that seems impossible to fathom.

So, you are probably thinking why does this matter? All this was is a perfectly good video examining the problems with the political climate in Britain today. What makes it stand out?

It is because for the first time in a while, a prominent figure in British press and culture is speaking out against such problems without being scared of all the smears one will inevitably receive. She is giving a voice to the voiceless. She is understanding the issues worrying the working class in Great Britain today and is using her clout to voice such fears to an audience of potentially millions.

That is what makes this so special. Michelle Dewberry is expressing views and fears of which most won’t dare talk about. Most of the establishment class these days of which she criticised takes the standard lame left wing views on an issue and yet because of their inflated egos somehow think they are being rebellious.

There are numerous examples of this. Blur and Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn degrading Great Britain as a ‘small, tiny place’ and warned about it becoming isolated after Brexit. The Boomtown Rats frontman and Live Aid organiser Bob Geldof and his cronies literally sticking it to hard working fishermen over their hatred of the EU wrecking their livelihoods ruined by the EU stealing their fishing grounds.

Footballer and sports commentator Gary Lineker constantly slandering Brexit voters all the while patronising his countrymen of who dared showed caution at letting adult men into the country under the guise that they were supposedly children. And of course singer Lilly Allen slandering Brexiteers, hating old people, milking the Grenfell Fire tragedy for the sake of cheap political points all the while claiming the abused victims of the Rochdale grooming gangs would have been abused anyway.

Director Ken Loach castigating the British government for keeping out ‘child refugees’ while not seeming to care for the poor children in this country. Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters stating in an interview that he thought the UK was ‘better’ than what it was after it voted to leave the European Union.

This even includes historical examples too. Actress Vanessa Redgrave slandering Israel as a bunch of ‘Zionist hoodlums’ in an Oscar acceptance speech who criticised her for her involvement in the documentary The Palestinian which supported Palestinian terrorists. Columnist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown accusing all white British people as ‘destroying peoples’ discussing the fears that many of them had towards mass immigration, erroneously connecting it with the former British Empire.

I could go on and on, but you get my point.

The underlying point is that I find Michelle Dewberry to have been incredibly brave to have realised this video. Up until this point, the only people discussing such views on a mass scale were other the occasional MP or MEP or some journalists (like Peter Hitchens, Melanie Phillips, Douglas Murray and our staff here) who were willing to express uncomfortable truths because they were truths and were needing to be given a voice too.

The opposing side don’t. All of them with their supposedly brave views that match their rich trendy friends are cowards. They think themselves as rebels, akin to the brave French men and women who sacrificed their lives in the French Revolution to free themselves from tyranny, but are more like the aristocrats in that scenario; rich, out of touch, pompous, wallowing in their wealth, corrupt, liars, fools and unprepared for the working class revolt soon to come rudely knocking at their door. Maybe that’s why they dismiss them as racists all the time. Who knows?

But in the end, I want to thank Michelle Dewberry for standing by her beliefs and wanting to stand with the working class and help them. A woman who clearly never forgot her working class roots. A woman who stands by what she believes in despite the endless smears she will inevitably receive. And one so invested in politics, she stood in the 2017 general election as an independent pro-Brexit candidate.

We need more people like her to stand up for the bottom, because none of these others will seem to bother and will continue to smear them to keep their gravy trains quick and clean. This video is a lovely antidote to elitist attitudes and the nicest surprise in terms of a celebrity’s political views since legendary Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson came out in support of Brexit.

And as a side, Michelle if by chance you are reading this, know that us on the populist right will happily welcome you on our side. Whether that means joining a party like For Britain or UKIP, or going your own way, just keep fighting the good fight. Good, honest people like yourself don’t come around nearly enough.

(Articles reflect the views of the author, and not necessarily those of Luke Nash-Jones, The Red Pill Factory, or Make Britain Great Again.)

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