Brexit: Bacon-Munching Proud Gammons Defending Borders

UK to take charge of its fishing waters under post-Brexit plan

Panic has begun to set in as Germany reacts to losing access to UK fisheries post-Brexit. EU countries land eight times as much of our fish than we do theirs, which will be ended under plans newly announced by the government.

Having done massive damage to their own fish stocks through overfishing, many EU countries are very reliant on our waters, which our fishermen have been severely limited by the EU from fishing themselves. This has caused enormous hardship in our coastal communities; fishing fleets have been decimated, causing high unemployment and deprivation.

The “zonal attachment” plan, put forward in a new government white paper, is the first tangeable step taken towards reclaiming our waters; the benefits of doing so have been estimated as being worth as much as £4 billion pounds to the coastal economy, which would bring huge benefits to some of the worst off parts of the country.

In leaving the EU Common Fisheries Policy we will be able to abandon some of the more shameful aspects, such as the discard policy, which forces fishermen to throw back fish, and the other elements of the quota system that have been driving fishermen to the wall at an ever increasing pace.

For more information on the full horror of the CFP and why it is essential that we leave immediately, please visit Fishing for Leave:

Why should we allow a hostile EU to help themselves to 60% of our fish?

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