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Tommy Robinson Appeal CANCELLED Because Judge ‘Not ready’!

In an underhanded move by London’s Royal Courts of Justice, Tommy Robinson’s  appeal for release hearing on the 10th July has been postponed just days before the planned huge rally in protest on his incarceration.

The reason given was that the government’s lawyers say ‘they’re not ready’.

Arrested recently on the grounds of a “breach of the peace”, a rushed trial saw him jailed within an hour, where the charge was changed to “contempt of court”.

Tommy was not given an opportunity to get his own lawyer to the court room, and the court defence lawyer advised him to plead guilty – which he did, in order to avoid an even longer sentence.

It is clear that the government do not want a public backlash to take place on the 14th July when tens of thousands are once again expected to rally in the capital against the latest draconian attack on freedom of speech.

Many, whether they agree if with Robinson’s views or not, believe that the Orwellian threat is very real and must be tackled in unison in order to prevent the police state locking down further and eroding our freedom.

The hearing will now take place on 24th July.

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