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Threat to KILL Trump Fan. Timothy Scott’s LibertyDefenders & James Goddard Ruin Justice for Our Boys

This week, the Make Britain Great Again team had to withdraw our speakers from a Justice for Our Boys rally after the organisers called for unity with supporters of National Socialism. Having discovered that Jack Sen is a co-founder of the Liberty Defenders, we will never address any rally they are invited to speak at.

In response, we have been hounded by one of Britain’s most notorious anti-Semites, Jack Sen. The man joked about putting Melanie Gharial in gas chamber. Luke Alexander has received four death threats from an Organiser of Justice for Our Boys. Professional boxer Glen Saffer has threatened burn Luke Nash-Jones to death (setting light, as he waved a burning Trump hat). There have been calls to hang the whole of the Make Britain Great Again team from the scaffold.

Our forefathers fought the Nazis. We shall not cower to these anti-Semites and their supporters who burn Trump hats.

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