Brexit: Bacon-Munching Proud Gammons Defending Borders

The Britain of the future needs Trump and vice-versa

The bombastic and extraordinarily sharp, 45th President of the United States, finally made his appearance in British territory this past week. His visit, although initially meant as informal, did include a visit to the queen at Windsor Castle, meetings with other royals, and of course he also held what was described by The Atlantic as a “rather strange” press conference with Prime Minister May. Trump’s presence created tension in central London as a few hundreds of protesters gathered with the usual excuses of having to moan about xenophobia, misogyny and hatred. All b*llocks of course, in the strict sense of the word.

Overall however, Trump’s visit to Britain was a success as he stood in front of cameras, right next to May who appeared rather weak next him, and told the world that he was ready to reinvigorate his alliance with the British people but also criticised Britain and all of Europe for not being tough enough on immigration, especially illegal immigration from Africa and the Middle East which is completely destroying the social fabric of western civilisation rather swiftly unfortunately. We all already know this.

Trump complimented the Queen and the greatness of his British friends and allies. He also came off as more articulate than expected as he did not budge on clarifying his position on the NATO question, the dangers of liberalism intertwined with globalism, and Russia, during his full interview with Piers Morgan. Morgan, who is certainly not an ultra-conservative, interestingly enough spent the last few days defending Trump’s policies and getting into a fierce argument with self-proclaimed Communist Ash Sarkar on live television and social media.

Sarkar is the classic rude, hipsterish, socialist woman product of the environment of degrading multiculturalism created in the slums of British metropolis. She organised the mass anti-trump protest. Nonetheless, those dirty lefties are not the only ones that had the stage in London, as a large group of students and young professionals organised a pro-Trump event at the Trump Arms, where they re-created a pub atmosphere in an aesthetically pleasing right-wing social gathering. This was also a success, and proof that the flame of the conservative youth still burns steadily.

The irony is that most of these lefties protesting Trump do not even know what they are protesting against, as surely some the real ideologies on the far left would find ground for agreement with Trump on certain issues such as the economy, NATO, Russia and foreign policy in Syria. Trump has been no friend of big, savage globalist capitalism, and most of his economic policies have helped the once left-voting working class in America which is fed up with losing its right to jobs because companies move their manufacturing abroad, to China and India. His protectionism, or economic nationalism can serve as a good example to Britain.

The Tories should learn from him on this matter, if they ever will. Let us give back jobs to the British in Britain first, before worrying about anyone else. Regarding NATO, yes it is absolutely clear like Trump himself pointed out – that European powers like Germany are not exactly playing by the rules when it comes to being part of NATO. The USA, has been getting ripped off, not because they are the ones that basically keep NATO alive by pouring money into defence for us all, which is what they always have been doing, but really because the attitudes of others that are part of  NATO have been outrageous.

Take Germany for example, Merkel has been complaining about fearing Russian military expansionism and economic imperialism on one hand, while at the same time making deals worth billions for the construction of a gas link already taking place that facilitates commerce between Germany and Russia, through Poland. Basically the Germans have been buying Russian gas without checking with the other actors of the EU and certainly without asking itself too many questions. Trump knows that Russia is a key ally in the Middle East (especially Syria), and has played its part in fighting Islamist terror and preventing the Islamification of Europe.

Trump’s nationalist America seems to have come to terms with the fact that we do need to get along with the Russians for a series of reasons, nobody wants more wars and proxy wars, which is something the current establishment Conservatives in Britain need to understand if they wish to continue being a leading force. We have much greater enemies than Putin and Russia. Some of the Corbynite socialists protesting Trump in London know this – and often even sympathise for Russia and despise high finance sponsored globalism as much as Trump does but they will protest him anyways because they are idiots and give more importance to Trump’s comments on women’s genitals rather than focusing on his economic policies. Again, those policies have helped so many ordinary working people.

Britain needs Trump. Trump needs Britain, And we also all need NATO, to defend us in case of an attack by unfriendly nations with unsettling leaders, more so China and North Korea rather than Russia and Iran for that matter. In any case, there is no doubt we need to sit down with the Americans and revisit the NATO agreement, to make sure it works for everyone and the USA won’t be paying vast amounts to those who complain about an imminent threat by a country and then go on and make deals with them.

Britain has no choice but to work with Trump who will most likely win a second term, and secure a free trade deal, opening up a window of opportunities in a world of great possibilities. What a time to be alive. As Brexit negotiations continue, Trump and Putin meet to discuss geopolitical scenarios, and NGO ships are getting turned back in Mediterranean, we are faced with one of the greatest moments in the history of mankind. Now is the time where we need to play our cards right. Now either we heal as a nation or we perish.

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