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Ron Paul Embroiled in Controversy Over Deleted Racist Tweet

Recently, former US Representative and Presidential nominee Ron Paul has been in heavy controversy recently given how his Twitter account reposted a legitimately racist cartoon which complained about cultural Marxism.

To this, he received a heavy backlash on the site from various Twitter users, even though it was deleted from his account shortly after it was uploaded because of the racist content involved.

As Paul later revealed, the account isn’t run by him, and this reposting was done by the person who runs it, and once it was discovered that this was the case, the tweet was deleted and replaced with one of a normal anti-PC picture.

Now why is this important one wonders? Surely it was a simple mess up by an intern running some famous person’s Twitter account. What is the harm?

Well the far left is the harm. Instead of either acknowledging that the event was a mess up and moving on or laughing at the absurdity of it all, they are using it as a springboard to whinge about Ron Paul’s newsletters from the 1980s-1990s of which were supposedly racist too (even though he claims no responsibility for what was published in those letters mind you), the Republican party being racist and Paul himself being racist too.

In other words, the left lost their minds about a completely innocuous topic because their Trump Derangement Syndrome is so high now that their supposed rational thinking goes out the window once they can use anything to bash their alleged enemies.

So here we have the left in 2018: complaining and overreacting to a simple mistake on a prominent right winger’s Twitter account… because he is right wing. Want to know why they are failing so badly these days? This mass hysteria is exactly it.

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