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REVEALED: Shocking Crime Statistics the EU and Our Governments Do Not Want You to See

This week I published my book, the Migrant Crime Wave, covering the shocking crime statistics that the EU and our governments do not want you to see.

It is compiled from official EU statistics, reports and committees, respected think tanks from around the world and verifiable news sources. What we reveal is a cover-up, particularly of rape statistics and the migrant nationalities of those committing the crimes.

I cover:
– terrorism
– rape and violent assaults (mainly against women and children)
– illegal border crossing
– trafficking in human beings
– drug trafficking and consumption

Some of the shocking statistics :

• 40 percent of rapes in Italy have been committed by migrants.
• 5,000 returned Jihadis that have travelled to Syria/Iraq now live in the EU.
• 40 percent of migrants from the Maghreb committed robbery or theft within the first year of their arrival in Germany.
• Migrants are 10.3 times as likely to commit gang rape as native Germans.
• Asylum seekers are 42.7 times more likely to commit gang rape.
• In the Netherlands, half of the youth of Moroccan origin (aged 18-24) have been investigated by police.
• In Sweden 76 percent of the perpetrators that could be identified for sexual assault on the street were of foreign origin.

Violence and crime have increased in Europe since the unprecedented and unwelcome level of migration facilitated by Schengen and the open borders policies of the EU.

We are in a battle to protect our culture, heritage and way of life against the liberal left who instead of encouraging family friendly policies for Europeans, prefer to replace us with alien cultures because our own birth rates are dropping. With almost 50% youth unemployment across many EU countries, forced migration is a dangerous policy, damning the futures of a whole generation of young people.

The number of rapes is exploding, and protection of women is a priority. This can only be raised in the context of gender equality and LGBT rights, while migrant attitudes to our women and girls is brushed off as ‘cultural issues to be addressed’ and rape statistics are being ignored. We have a right to be protected, not the migrants.

Because of the mainly jihadi based terror in our countries, law-abiding Muslims who identify as European, should be encouraged to be more vocal about their condemnation of Radical Islam as there is a dangerous and growing anti-Muslim sentiment, not just among the far Right but ordinary citizens too.

We have to halt migration from Pakistan and north Africa, until we are confident that our Muslim citizens have integrated by learning our languages, adhering to national law rather than Sharia, reject female genital mutilation, honour killings, burkas and forced marriage.

We have to stop the foreign funding of mosques as they have done in Switzerland and the closing down of radical mosques, as in Austria with deportation of hate preachers. That is a start but we have a long way to go.

This week we saw the African invasion of Spain via Ceuta when 100s of migrants jumped the fences, attacked the Spanish semi-militarised Guardia Civil, who were forced to watch and were humiliated by their government which insists they cannot use their guns.

What have we come to when our police and military stand by and allow invaders to walk straight into our countries? The Guardia Civil can use their guns on Spanish citizens, but not the invaders.

It is no surprise that when the centre right Spanish government fell recently, there was no general election. Instead, an EU puppet socialist government took the reins.

When Italy shut its borders, Spain opened theirs. There will now be a further migrant crime wave.

You can download my book here: Home – Janice Atkinson MEP

(Articles reflect the views of the author, and not necessarily those of Luke Nash-Jones, The Red Pill Factory, or Make Britain Great Again.)

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