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Moped gangs PRETEND to be Traffic Police to trick drivers

When the problems with moped crime in London couldn’t look like they could get any worse, now they are resorting to impersonating traffic police to trick drivers to pull over and subsequently threaten them for valuable items.

According to the Evening Standard, police are now warning of such behaviour, attributing it to a specific incident in the Chelsea Embankment whereby a cab was caught by said impersonators, who claimed the cab’s passengers had run a red light. Once the group didn’t identify themselves and called the police, the gang drove off.

Meanwhile, such gangs adopt police tactics such as having blue flashing lights and usually resort to threats to gain what they want.

Apparently, such issues are already adding to an intense problem for the police in the explosion of moped crime of which has sprung up from 827 in 2012 to over 23,000 in 2017 alone.

Many people have been the unfortunate victims of this during this epidemic including the author of this article, and the fact that both those living in working class and upper-class areas of London are being affected heavily by this, makes it a huge problem across the board. The recent mugging by British comedian Michael McIntyre and his family further put this point home.

Now while the police have solutions to combat this issue, such as using decoy bikes and remote-control spikes, it seems that the recent explosion of this crime has roots that go further than what has been discussed.

Between the recent claims about the lack of resources to deal with low level crime such as burglaries and the powers that be advising officers to avoid chasing moped gangs because of health and safety, it seems that the police have their hands tied behind their back in terms of any blunt solutions to these issues which is stopping any progress from being made in stopping the issue.

Add to this a mayor more bothered with giving resources to hate crime hubs and diversity hiring strategies for the Metropolitan Police than solving actual crime, and you have a recipe for disaster. The clashing of immigrant communities in certain London boroughs and the high levels of poverty in the capital highlights this further.

This all builds an atmosphere which not only inevitably leads to general crime, but its increase as well, and one theory in particular demonstrates this. The Broken Windows theory was one coined by social scientists James Q. Wilson and George L. Kelling of who discussed how when general anti-social behaviour is allowed to go unpunished, more serious crime becomes acceptable. In essence, if one broken window wasn’t fixed, it would lead to the other windows being broken, as ‘one unrepaired window is a signal that no-one cares, and so breaking more windows costs nothing.’

The fact that police do not investigate low level crime such as burglaries much anymore and that only 7% of overall robberies are being solved is a testament to this. The fact that no-one in the capital seems to be bothered by high levels of poverty either speaks to this also.

Which is why the only solution is to bring back tougher policing. As the author of this article said in a recent MBGA News livestream, bring back police patrols. Bring back stop and search. Bring back tough policing. Have better motor services. Reopen police stations, some shut under Sadiq Khan’s watch.

If this tough policing worked for both New York and Glasgow, the former used the idea of Broken Windows in their policing as well, there is no reason why it shouldn’t work for London.

Meanwhile, socio-economic issues need to be examined. Given the high levels of poverty in the capital, there should be a bigger effort made in giving opportunities for people. For example, given that there are thousands of young people involved in gang activity with police saying the average age of those carrying out moped crime being just 15, maybe there needs to be better opportunities for them so they don’t resort to crime. Reopening closed youth clubs would be a good start, all the while fixing the issues for youth apprenticeships for instance would be a wise move too.

All the while mass immigration needs to be examined. The creation of various migrant ghettos throughout the capital has subsequently created division among racial and tribal lines, often leading to high crime rates throughout these areas.

Reducing the high levels of immigration into the capital is necessary to not only slow down the growth of these divisions, but make it easier to deal with within our own borders as well. It should also allow more demand for housing, already strained partially because of mass immigration, not to mention how all the dirty Russian, Chinese and Gulf money owns a good chunk of the property market, creating a monopoly whereby properties remain empty, all the while becoming increasingly expensive for your regular Londoner.

Like Canada, it has created a situation whereby first-time buyers are increasingly locked out of the property market, hence why this dirty money needs to be at first examined and then removed from the market altogether.

Such suggestions could aid the dire socio-economic conditions of the capital at the minute, which plagues it like a virus.  

These are just suggestions at this point. But given such problems exist in London, someone needs to start addressing them, especially given how the current Mayor seems unable to do so. London deserves better than being a series of poor immigrant ghettos where crime is becoming the norm and no-one in power seems to give a damn about it. London deserves better than this.

(Articles reflect the views of the author, and not necessarily those of Luke Nash-Jones, The Red Pill Factory, or Make Britain Great Again.)

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