Brexit: Bacon-Munching Proud Gammons Defending Borders

Justine Greening isn’t “conservative”; She’s a REMOANER CUCK Giving AWAY Her Nation

Following on from the disastrous Chequers deal that the Conservative government have coughed up over leaving the EU, many various reactions have sprung up. Leave voters are dreadfully unhappy, Remain voters are still unhappy and it seems to please no-one at all.

Henceforth fresh calls to have another referendum over the decision in the first place, deviously packaged as giving the people a say on the final deal. Ignoring the whole problem of the British people have already voted for both the decision to leave the EU, knowing the type of Brexit they want in the process (a small clue: a really Hard one) and voted for the Conservative Party who ran on a platform on giving us a hard Brexit back in 2017 and won albeit in a minority government (not to mention how the Labour side also implied it too in their manifesto), one prominent Conservative Member of Parliament ringing the bell for this is Justine Greening.

Representing Putney in Parliament and a pro-Remain supporter during the 2016 referendum campaign, Greening has called for a second referendum, firstly by stating that the only way to crack the Brexit deadlock in Parliament is to ‘throw it back to the British people’ and secondly in an article for The Times whereby her main argument for a second referendum is on the grounds that the deal pleases no-one and to gain legitimacy for any sort of Brexit deal at all, we should have another referendum on the deal.

Sounds all well and good, right?

Well, not exactly. Greening is clearly still a Remoaner here, and this pushing for a second referendum is just doublethink for essentially trying to force the UK to go back into the EU. This isn’t just some tinfoil hat nonsense though either, as in the second article, her agenda is laid out in black and white.

In the video, she discusses how because any decision on Brexit will be voted down because of the heavy divisions in the House of Commons over the issue, only the British people should be allowed to determine the course of Brexit. Again, given how British people voted for the Conservative Party to carry out a hard Brexit based on their manifesto (including the majority of Leave voters) it is the fault of the Conservative Party alone for not following on through with their promises and not the people for electing them.

Meanwhile, she seems to fail to acknowledge (as most Remoaners do) that most of the British people who voted for Brexit voted for a Hard Brexit. They already made the decision. You are lying to cover your own pro-Remain, pro-EU agenda and you aren’t that good at hiding it.

Meanwhile the article intends to be more subtle, but it is hilariously even more blunt in how pro-EU it is. The article only somewhat addresses the fears of Brexit voters whether it be over not fully satisfying their will or not getting the change they want.

However, she seems more bothered by former Remain voters, as if they’re the ones who won the damn referendum in the first place. She complains at how disappointed they will be over not being in the EU anymore but still having to follow its rules and how disenfranchised they will be following us supposedly leaving next year (cutely inserting how her constituency of Putney mostly voted Remain – pandering much?). Again, since they didn’t win, their fears are not the number one priority here.

The priorities should be Leave voters who want their will respected and are constantly feeling disenfranchised by the government ignoring their mandate, to the point where even the likes of columnist Melanie Phillips (ironically of the same newspaper) warning that they’ll give up on politics completely. But no, Greening is more bothered by her own selfish desires over the EU which conveniently match many of the politicians in our system and various middle class Remoaners, many of whom are in her own constituency, than Brexit voters. A typical narcissist, and like all narcissists, utterly idiotic too.

This can mainly be seen when she plays her hand at the end of the article; advocating that a second referendum must include an option to ‘stay in’ the EU. In other words, she clearly doesn’t respect the results of the referendum and will clearly do anything she can to diverge the will of the people.

She is pushing a policy of which will undermine a democratic referendum because she didn’t like the result and will not stop until she gets the result she wants. Her erroneous comparison between such a result and those of mayoral elections and stating it is a ‘unique chance to settle the European question for a generation’ are just a smoke screen to cover this fact. The mandate of a Mayor like say Sadiq Khan isn’t being constantly undermined by an elite class who wants to overturn it. The European question has already been settled for a generation and they voted to leave. You lost, get over it.

Thankfully, it seems that the British public doesn’t agree with the stance of people like Ms. Greening. Most Brits are unhappy with this Chequers deal which clearly serves as a pretext for this second referendum and most Brits are happy to crash out of the EU with no deal. Justine Greening clearly doesn’t represent the majority of people, only those in her elite class, as Peter Hitchens pointed out.

In conclusion to Justine Greening, you lost. Get over it. Oh, and at the same time, join the Liberal Democrats. Hell, I’ll even link their joining page just for you, if you so much as be happening to read this. Leave the decision as it is and accept your defeat. You don’t represent the majority. Your attempts to cover your pro-Remain, pro-EU and anti-Brexit agenda is about as laughable as The Young Turks’ creator and host Cenk Uygur trying to claim he no longer denies the Armenian genocide, when the evidence clearly showed otherwise, mainly through the distancing language he used to describe the incident as all deniers do.

Politicians like you are the reason most people don’t trust politicians. You are a true liar and only in it for yourself and only have power because you are a member of a certain party which has enough clout from eons ago to keep people like yourself in office. Respect the will of the people, and if you don’t, kindly resign from politics and get a real job.

It will do you some good to actually understand the pain and strife of the working class you happily stabbed in the back with your behaviour.

(Articles reflect the views of the author, and not necessarily those of Luke Nash-Jones, The Red Pill Factory, or Make Britain Great Again.)

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