Brexit: Bacon-Munching Proud Gammons Defending Borders

It’s not too late to save Brexit! – Boris Johnson makes one final plea

‘It’s not too late to save Brexit.’ – Boris Johnson makes one final plea for the government to carry out the democratic will of the people!

In recent times, you may have seen how the government have seemingly undermined Brexit at every turn with their new Chequers deal. It practically gives away all of our powers in terms of trade and jurisdiction back to the EU as if we never left it in the first place. Meanwhile, in terms of immigration, it slyly discusses how it will allow our country to ‘control’ immigration (as opposed to reduce it, clearly something Theresa May’s government has a hard time either doing or wanting to do it seems) and even though it alleges that it will keep the European Court of Justice out of UK decisions, the ‘common rulebook’ proposed means that our trading laws will be decided by that body, not us as explained by journalist Charles Moore in a recent episode of Question Time.

In layman’s terms, it is disastrous and proves further how a split Conservative government headed by a former Remainer more bothered by pandering to the EU who treat us like dirt as opposed to other world leaders who want to treat us well (like Donald Trump of who has offered a good trade deal with us) was never going to work here. All it will lead to is more of a showing of Britain being weak on the world stage, and the EU making even more unrealistic demands of us, as they already have over Chequers.

All I am saying is that we would be better off if say Andrea Leadsom had won the 2016 Conservative leadership contest, and it is rather telling when even former Remain campaigner Piers Morgan complained at how disingenuous it was to pivot this as the Brexit deal when it clearly is anything but.

But there is hope. In his resignation speech as Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson gave a passionate speech defending Brexit, of which included the now famous phrase that ‘it’s not too late to save Brexit’. He continued to detail how we should be continuing to fight for the Brexit ‘we fought for’ and clearly one, and feels that we should adopt the more pro-Brexit spirit that May undertook at her Lancaster House speech as opposed to the ‘miserable, permanent limbo’ of her Chequers plan.

I hope he is right. I am no fan of Boris Johnson. Not a particularly good London mayor I feel, even if he is miles better than our current one, as was Ken Livingstone. Nor was he particularly good Foreign Secretary. Nor is he much of a conservative. And he is way too soft on issues like mass immigration I feel.

That being said, he was a sterling ally during the Brexit campaign, and I do admire what is clearly still strong ambition to have us leave the EU, even throwing his own Cabinet job under the bus to do it. I am impressed that he still continues to hold the tide in favour of Brexit even if the Prime Minister doesn’t, and I hope he continues this ambition after summer recess is over.

Because if he and other Brexit supporters in the government don’t, Brexit will turn into a shambles whereby the Remoaners in the Cabinet have the upper hand and do their best to ensure we will have Brexit in only name. This shouldn’t be happening. It will be final nail in the coffin in proving that Britain is a democratic nation, not one whereby the elites call the shots. It will also mark another time in history whereby Lancaster House serves as a prelude for an undemocratic betrayal to occur.

All joking aside, we need to hold pressure against the government to ensure that Brexit is fully delivered. Leaving the EU, the single market and the customs union, of which is what the British people clearly supported. We need our mandate carried out.

The only problem is that we don’t seem to have a voice in the government now. The Conservative Party is led by a former Remain campaigner, pandering more to one side of a deeply divided government and the EU than the 17.4 million people who voted for Brexit. The Labour Party is stuffed full of Remoaners, led by someone not knowing whether they’re coming or going over Brexit (despite their former Euroscepticism), especially fearing the wrath of working class voters (not to mention his own pro-Brexit MPs) who voted for Brexit. The Liberal Democrats, the Green Party, the Scottish National Party, Plaid Cymru among others are against Brexit and seem to want to do anything to undermine that outcome.

And despite how strong both UKIP and For Britain are on the subject, they don’t have anywhere near the kind of clout or support to gain government power or to subsequently put the government’s feet to the fire over Brexit. We are stuck up crap creek without a paddle over this currently, and tribal voting for such parties only makes such problems harder to solve. As in as long as these parties hold power, their attempts to thwart Brexit will still come thick and fast.

These brave MPs on all sides, including Johnson, seem to be our last line of defence over Brexit. Let’s hope they have enough power to allow a true Brexit to go ahead. Because if not, we are just being literally mad, and watching our nation busily engaged heaping up its own funeral pyre over our once proud democracy going up in smoke to please the few. We live in utterly depressing times indeed.

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