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Immigration crisis in Mediterranean begs for reasonable US intervention

As the illegal immigration crisis unravels in the Mediterranean Sea, the current Trump-backed Italian government officials have flown to Washington to specifically demand President Trump’s attention and support.

Although the situation in the Mediterranean has improved recently, since a few major ports have been shut down and NGO ships are no longer able to easily pick up people at sea anymore, we are still far from a long-term solution that works for everyone.

Perhaps there isn’t a solution that will keep everyone happy, and the numbers of alien arrivals in Europe down for long, but what is certain is that countries like France, Italy, Spain and Greece are no longer able to co-operate with northern-African semi-states (Libya and others) on their own to reach real solutions to the problem.

European military power is obviously limited when it comes to such arduous efforts. For this reason, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte with little approval from the French and German political establishment has flown out to the States to speak to the only leader that can help prevent a catastrophe from developing in the next few years, Donald J. Trump.

The real heart of the issue here is that Emmanuel Macron has insisted that the Libyans should hold democratic elections in five months’ time, to bring the country together. The Italians have already openly stated this would be a terrible idea.

Mike Pompeo, a close State Department advisor to Trump has also expressed his disapproval for this superficial interpretation of the Libyan crisis: the balance of power between the two main rival governments in Libya (Tripoli and Tobruk) and their deals with the west will be completely destabilised by elections which will only contribute to another violent civil war, a clash between Tripoli, Tobruk and other tribes as well as an opportunity for smugglers and Islamists to take control of the coast again and benefit from the exodus of people.

Of course, this would result in even more mass immigration to the European continent. It is unclear what the German position on the Libyan-elections matter is yet, while it is not so hard to believe that part of the French establishment still do think of themselves as a colonial power that has something to gain from the promotion of chaos in northern Africa (Sarkozy’s behaviour in 2011), only this time at the expense of others; as we do not live the rather stable late 19th and early 20th century dynamic anymore.

Perhaps with Trump’s help in the Mediterranean we can scare both Libyan factions. Also, we can force them to work with us, keep courting the Libyan coast guard and guide parts of their military towards operations of stability. This is mostly done by arresting human traffickers, shut down and put on trial corrupt NGO businesses affiliated to Soros and the EU, but mainly give Americans and the two Libyan governments complete freedom determining the fate of Islamist factions. We have been far too generous with all these criminals. “Democratic” measures are not always the best to use in all cases, Libya is a complete mess, let’s face it.

Luckily Trump and the EU’s bizarre Juncker met and came to an agreement last week. An economic war was avoided, and Trump’s tariffs will only hit those who really deserve to be hit. It appears, European nations were mainly complaining about the tariffs that could affect the vehicle industry, which most European nations rely on.

However, it can be viewed as positive that Trump has decided to economically punish anyone who makes deals with the Iranians at this moment in time.  The economic front is for various reasons closely linked to the defence situation and the struggle in the Mediterranean.

A new gas deal that will exclude the Russians will most likely go forward bringing amounts in from Azeirbaijan to southern Italy, passing through Greece and Albania. We do need these areas to be stable and fully accessible, for the deal to go through. What we do not need is no-go zones and the invasion and Islamification of southern Europe which already has and will continue to cause problems to countries in Central, Northern Europe and the Atlantic.

Britain, as a strategic, and great economic partner of the USA needs to think long and hard what friends it wants to have in and out of Europe after Brexit. At the moment, the ambiguous economic stances of Germany and France towards China, and politico-social ones towards immigration and integration should worry us all.

Are these French and German EU loyalist-elites still reliable partners and friends?, or are they unethical money-grabbing individuals who will put their dirty interests first before concerning themselves with geopolitics and a common defense strategy for the western world?. Well, only time will tell.

(Articles reflect the views of the author, and not necessarily those of Luke Nash-Jones, The Red Pill Factory, or Make Britain Great Again.)

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