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Freedom at Threat: Enfield Council Taken Over by Labour Cronies!

What could be worse than a moronic Labour led council? A Labour led council of which promotes diversity and pandering to certain voting blocs!

This is applicable to the one in Enfield. According to The Times, this cronyism is applicable to how the Labour led council has seemingly been taken over by both members of the Alevi community (a religious minority group consisting mainly of both Kurds and Turks), not to mention relatives of a convicted felon.

In the article, it details how through a process of deselection the council made sure that many currently serving councillors were replaced by people from this community to pander to a voting bloc, despite that demographic only making up 10% of the borough’s population.

This, combined with how various members of the Kurdish and Turkish community joined the party before the selection process, means that now the council now consists of 40% Kurds, Turks and Turkish Cypriots, being vastly overrepresented in it.

To make matters worse, some of these councillors are related to a former one; one Nesimi Erbil, who represented Labour for the Lower Edmonton ward, who had to stand down because of two suspended prison sentences; the first in 2014 for fraud and the other in 2016 for a public order offence.

His extended family who have seemingly infiltrated the council include a daughter, a niece, a nephew, someone connected through marriage and two related to his cousin, a man who is the chairman of the British Alevi Federation. One of the people related to the cousin (Saray Karakus) is now the Mayor of Enfield, as well as a Labour representative of the Haselbury ward. There are also other unspecified ones consisting of business associates or relatives.

This level of cronyism and diversity hire has also led to new-time councillors taking up positions given to more experienced councillors, such as planning chairman and cabinet member for the environment. It seems that such backhand deals are seeming to trump any sort of meritocracy in Enfield Council these days.

And before anyone defends such cronyism on the grounds of ‘diversity’, it turns out that black councillors are also getting the short end of this behaviour too. Take for example how according to one councillor, all six black councillors were deselected (despite Black British making up 17% of the overall borough, more so than the other demographic groups, overrepresenting their proportion in Enfield Council now) in favour of Turkish candidates.

The situation is apparently so bad, that the Labour NEC have been informed of the problem and are now investigating such behaviour in the council. Previous attempts to question such nepotism by Conservative council leader Joanne Laban were shut down, due to the supposed ‘personal’ nature of the questioning and how they didn’t relate to council matters. Even current Momentum members and centre-right members of the Labour area have shown opposition to this takeover, along with other Turkish members of the council. The main party are also investigating the issue on both sides.

So, in short, we have a council taken over by heavy cronyism and nepotism, whereby any sort of dissent is not tolerated.

You know what makes this worse? This is my council.

Now while thankfully I never voted for Labour at these elections (instead for two Conservative councillors and one UKIP candidate – I was even planning to run for my party For Britain but to no avail) it does seem alarming that such corruption such exist for any party, let alone one of the most prominent in the country.

Hopefully this issue should be sorted, especially with the investigation going on with contributions from the Labour Party themselves. The various MPs of the Enfield Borough have not commented on the incident yet.

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