Brexit: Bacon-Munching Proud Gammons Defending Borders

Cabinet Brexiteers ‘COLLAPSE government on Friday’ if May fudges Brexit

Brexiteers in the Cabinet could collapse the government on Friday unless Theresa May promises to deliver a full Brexit.

Boris Johnson, David Davis and other Brexit-backing ministers are reportedly prepared to ‘walk’ if May attempts to deliver a fudged EU exit when the top politicians meet at Chequers on Friday.

A government insider told the Express: “We could find the government collapses on Friday night.

“If she crosses the Brexit red lines, and it looks like she is going to, then the Brexiteers will withdraw their support for her and Boris, David Davis and the other Brexit ministers will walk.”

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson defended Jacob Rees-Mogg after he warned Mrs May will face a coup unless she sticks to her Brexit red lines.

Rees-Mogg wrote: “Theresa May must stand firm for what she herself has promised.

“One former Tory leader, Sir Robert Peel, decided to break his manifesto pledge and passed legislation with the majority of his party voting the other way.

“This left the Conservatives out of office for 28 years.

“At least he did so for a policy that works. At Chequers [Mrs May] must stick to her righteous cause and deliver what she has said she would, she must use her undoubted grace to persevere.”

The reference to Peel was interpreted as a threat, because that PM was removed from office after defying his party.

Mr Johnson openly supported his fellow Brexiteer, tweeting: “It’s vital that all MPs are able to air their views on Brexit.

“Whatever your position, I hope we can all agree that Jacob Rees-Mogg is a principled and dedicated MP who wants the best for our country.”

A £750,000 leadership campaign fund has been set up by Mr Rees-Mogg’s supporters to prepare if Mrs May loses power.

Concerns grew after leaks suggested Mrs May’s key Brexit adviser Olly Robbins has said the UK will have to choose between a Norway style trade deal or a Canada-type version, as Brussels continues to dig in its heels.

He is reportedly “leaning towards” pushing a Norway-style option under which Britain would stay in the single market and accept Brussels rules with no say in making them.

It should be an interesting week ahead…

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