The Culture War: Meme Farmers Smash Gramsci's Anglophobia

UK police using YOUR tax money for Arabic ads against “hate speech”

Surrey Police are using YOUR tax money to fund adverts in Arabic asking people to report any “hate crimes”.

Looking at this advert, you could have mistaken this for the Cairo police force. 99.7% of British official residents (according to state figures) will not be able to read this post!

Child rapists let go by courts, police apologising for ignoring evidence of paedophilia, stabbings on the rise, but oh, cops find time to make Facebook posts in Arabic, a language spoken by just 0.3% of Britain’s population. The constant promulgation of the myth of “white privilege” is clearly promotion of a ludicrous myth!

If I went to live in Egypt, I would be expected to learn Arabic. They wouldn’t translate everything for me. I suppose it would be racist if anyone were to dare suggest the same in return. God forbid anyone suggesting English is our de facto official language.

As for the content of the advert itself, the police are asking for evidence of mean words. Words?! How is that more serious than RAPE?!!!

The Kalergi plan is real! Google it! Look up “Union for the Mediterranean”.


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