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Trump’s North Korea Deal KNOCKS OUT Critics and Leftists

At least this past week we have been able to breathe a sigh of relief. I am not referring to the fact that we now know that a military conflict with North Korea and China is a lot more unlikely. We have been able to breathe a sigh of relief because we now know we have proof that the Democrats, and the American left won’t realistically stand a chance of painting the United States blue again for a very long time.

Trump, after all his recent successes, not merely the great result with North Korean denuclearisation, will most likely be elected President for a second term. The left worldwide, but especially the American neoliberals and socialists, have lately managed to heap up their funeral pyre.

They have done so by engaging with the most ridiculous forms of identity politics, intersectional feminism, post-modernism, and constantly bringing up racialism. By criticising Trump for sealing a great deal with a former enemy, which would be understood as progressive politics, the kind of politics the left usually wants, they have lost all credibility. It is clear that by now they intend to just criticise Trump for being Trump.

It is unbelievable, but quite humorous, seeing all these moaning lefties on social media accusing Trump of being weak, for meeting with a brutal, violent Asian dictator. That’s the funny part, the same people who before Trump, kept ranting about how the west should hold dialogues with everyone, even those hostile to us, such as Iran, Libya, Palestine, Cuba are now complaining because Trump struck a deal with a man who carries out purges consisting of mass murders in his own country.

Well, so did Fidel Castro in Cuba, but he got to take lovely and smiley pictures with Nelson Mandela and be championed as some sort of human rights and welfare pioneer, praised by leaders globally. Obama, of course, was portrayed as a hero when he managed to push for talks between Palestine and Israel. Palestine is a state basically led by Islamist fundamentalists to this day.

Trump on the other hand, remains a crazy guy for the media, no matter what he does. Well, if Clinton went on national television and told everyone that Trump was making a mistake trusting Kim Jong-un then she must be right! We should listen to the lady that used her personal email to handle CIA information. What a world we live in.

The truth is, that if one looks at American history with a keen eye, it is impossible not to realise that Trump has a much higher chance of getting re-elected rather than being sent home in 2020. So far there have only been five presidents of the USA who historically have not managed to secure a second term. Last time this happened, it was unfortunate, as we had George Bush Sr. lose to a Democrat, after four years in office.

Also, another truth is, that no matter what Guardian, Vox and Washington Post columnists say, Trump’s agreement with North Korea is really one of the greatest breakthroughs in peacekeeping operations we have seen in a while.

The deal ‘the Donald’ struck gives a chance for 32,000 young American soldiers to return home and hug their families, it is also a deal that cost relatively little financially (unlike Obama’s 150 billion dollars to Iran). Kim Jong-un has agreed to export all his nuclear weapons.

If this excellent idea works out in practice, the Korean peninsula will finally be denuclearised, and real efforts can be made for the two Korean regimes to get along. Not to mention prisoners of war, of all factions, get to be released and heard fairly.

More importantly, the agreement includes a clause that expects the USA to withdraw from joint military exercises with South Korea, which will make the North Koreans feel safer, but the main reason for this is to save and cut back on American taxpayers’ money. The air military operations taking place from Guam which involved the USA, Japan and South Korea were becoming incredibly expensive.

The irony is that Trump’s deal is an “America First” deal. As promised he is taking care of the working classes, but the left doesn’t like it one bit and are not even praising him for it.

Who cares about the American left anyways, as a wise internet user once pointed out: “these days the Democratic Party is composed of Hillary Clinton, a few Florida High-School students and a porn actress.”

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