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The REAL issue with the Irish abortion referendum result

As you may have heard, a referendum was held in Ireland, whose result has made abortion fully legal in Ireland. Up until this point, abortion has been mostly illegal in Ireland, due to the 8th amendment of the Irish constitution of which kept abortion illegal mainly through an 1983 referendum which established that amendment.

However, despite your feelings about the result, a more sinister undertone is afoot. That being the way that the liberal establishment will be using the referendum to push for a softening of the conservative cultures of the West leading to a more globalised world.

What does this mean? Well, given how the initial amendment was ratified in the constitution, it indicated that the Irish culture would be one based on religious conservative values. This referendum result (for better or worse) indicates that Ireland is becoming a more liberal society, one where traditional values are rejected and seen as backwards and bigoted.

This isn’t speculation either. Given how the gay marriage referendum was fought by its advocates and some of the obnoxious campaigners on the Yes side here both campaigned on a strong smear campaign to demonise the other side in this fashion seems to indicate that both results demonstrate how further away Ireland seem to be moving away from the traditional values that helped to shape its society for a more progressive and liberal route.

But so what, you may ask? Such shame inducing campaign has been prevalent in politics for ages, and even so the ends may justify the means, especially since it allows for more people like women and the LGBT community to feel more welcome in Irish society, right?

This may be true, but the elites who helped to push for this result don’t seem to be very much fussed about such positive outcomes but rather so that they can push their liberal agenda onto the masses.

This includes the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, the head of the Irish government. He had been pushing for Yes in this campaign, advocating it on the grounds of it would allow for women to be ‘trusted’ in the matter. Now while this seems like he is doing this on the grounds that he cares for both the rights of women and the Irish people, other cases put doubt upon this. For the former, neither him or his Fine Gael party have done much for the survivors of the Magdalen laundries, despite promises made by his predecessor Enda Kenny to do more, including a memorial remembering them.

Meanwhile, the way he has done his best to push the controversial Ireland 2040 plan through by media propaganda and allegedly paying the press to write positively about the policy (which would increase the country’s population by 1 million people, partially with mass immigration) despite objections from specific towns and even his own councillors (including one Brian Murphy who was disciplined by the party for his vocal criticism to the plan) doesn’t make him out to be one who cares for the opinions of those vastly different from his own.

His objections to a hard Brexit and complaining that Britain would be small on the world stage indicates this too. Rather he seems to be your typical ideologue who only celebrates results provided they go his way. The fact that he called the results a ‘revolution’ seem in this context rather laughable given that they were backed by establishment figures like himself which seems counterproductive to the idea of a revolution.

On top of this, the entire left-wing in Ireland seems to have completely collapsed on this issue, with the various left leaning parties having advocated a Yes vote. This wouldn’t be so bad, but given how similarly ideologue these parties are on the issue, it seems that again they care more about pushing an agenda than they do women’s rights.

The likes of Sinn Fein for example (having been linked with the IRA for many years) match this to a tee, especially given that their policy on abortion doesn’t seem the most liberal either. They also happily worked with the Democratic Unionist Party (the DUP of which they are best known, currently holding up May’s government in Westminster)  who have very harsh abortion rules too.

It hardly seems that these guys are compelled to help the rights of women, but rather to virtue signal instead, while not acknowledging their past failure on the issue.

Meanwhile the various extremely left-wing parties in Ireland like the Labour Party and the Workers’ Party only again seem fussed about pushing liberal agendas to jump on a bandwagon as opposed to anything involving women’s rights. Given that both have called for more refugees be welcomed into Ireland (the latter under the guise to make up for the West’s ‘foreign policy’ disenfranchising them), neither seem to care much for women’s rights at all. After all, if they really did care for women’s rights, why would either advocate policies that would undermine them by importing a culture which treats women like dirt?

Finally, the one and only George Soros has his hands in this pie too. This time, his Open Society Foundation helped to fund the various groups advocating that abortion be legalised in Ireland. Like Soros’ many other links to left-wing political causes (to funding Democratic candidates in the United States and groups of which target right-wing voices in the press) this seems to be a way to push his liberal ideology in Ireland. The pro-life campaign Ireland cried foul of his tactics here, which they said was ‘an attack on democracy’. As expected, the pro-choice campaigners defended the funds. Shame they didn’t kick Soros out of Ireland like Hungary did. So, this is where we stand. Ireland now stands at the risk of becoming far more liberal and the elites are using this result as a wedge issue to do so.

Now this article isn’t meant to demonise the legitimate Yes campaigners who worked to help women in their eyes. This article is not meant to make them to look like the villains, nor is it meant to demonise their hard work for doing what they thought was right. Nor is it meant to make the No side look holier than thou.

After all, the likes of the Irish Catholic Church (of who have a murky history in Ireland to say the least with their hand in the aforementioned laundries and separating mothers from their children because of religious matters being particularly reprehensible) and the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland (who have links to the Muslim Brotherhood and have had extremist speakers held there before) were also fighting to keep abortion illegal and have questionable agendas of their own to say the least.

That being said, it does seem alarming the way that Ireland is veering away from traditional values and that seems to make it easier for the globalist elites who favoured this outcome to establish a more liberal agenda onto once more conservative countries like Ireland.

This isn’t a conspiracy theory about a New World Order by them turning the frogs gay or anything ridiculous like that. This is just a globalist liberal elite of who are using such opportunities to establish a more left-wing globalist society which will only benefit them when their agenda is fully complete. There are dark days ahead.

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