Brexit: Bacon-Munching Proud Gammons Defending Borders

The EU’s Official Cartoon Hero “Captain Euro” ORDERS Britain to Stay in the EU

The official EU Twitter account has declared that the UK will be staying in the EU, despite the democratic vote to leave.

Captain Euro is an approved EU propaganda feed on Twitter. They have created a ‘superhero’ to push their narrative.

Look what happened when Brexit activist Cliff Dixon had a pop back at one of Captain Euro’s tweets.

Captain Euro is a fictional comic book-style superhero character, created in 1999 as a way to promote the European Union, and specifically the Euro, the single European currency that arrived in 2002.

The character was relaunched in 2014. The relaunch included some changes to the comic book characters, as well as a significant change in tone: the stories became more humorous and more overtly political, with Captain Euro explaining and justifying the European Union to various real-life world leaders.

To the Captain and his creator, the baddies are evil-minded Eurosceptics dressed in UKIP purple who threaten that vision. Their leader is called Dr D Vider (see what they did there?)

Eurosceptic politician and commentator Daniel Hannan criticised the general concept of using comic-book characters to promote the EU, writing in the Daily Telegraph in 2011, “The notion that the government should get at parents through their children is a characteristic of authoritarian states, not liberal democracies.”

This Captain Euro character is part of a wider issue – the EU spends £500m a year on promoting itself. The spending includes more than 100 publications, over 1,000 videos as well as cartoons, colouring books and other educational materials intended to promote EU values to children. The tone and style of the website, stories and characters demonstrate well the EU’s communication strategy: target the young, and brainwash, brainwash, brainwash.

The Captain Euro tweet to Cliff Dixon attracted a lot of angry responses. Alex M said “How utterly counterproductive interventions such as yours are, and how blind you are to that fact, is a constant source of wonder to me.”

The sooner we are out, the better!

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