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Michael McIntyre gets ATTACKED in Sadiq Khan’s London

Another day, another brutal gang attack in London. This time however, it isn’t Joe or Jane Public being violently attacked, but rather a famous celebrity and his family too.

In this case, famous British comic Michael McIntyre was the unfortunate victim. Here, he was targeted while picking up his son Oscar from his school in Golders Green. The moped gang proceeded to smash his Range Rover with hammers, threaten both McIntyre and his son with a knife and eventually steal both his £15k Rolex watch among other valuables. He then proceeded to care for his son.

One witness described what happened as ‘shocking’, while another opined how ‘normally the trouble is down the other end of the road towards Hampstead’, indicating that wealthy areas like Hampstead are becoming more targeted by such gangs because of their affluence.

To make matters worse, it signifies the increased volume of moped crimes in the city, with the amount increasing from 827 in 2012 to over 23,000 last year alone. It seems both ordinary and wealthier Londoners are being targeted for such brutal crimes, most notable with how the likes of McIntyre are now victims of such crime.

This is yet another clear indictment of both failures on behalf of police and government to tackle this problem. Along with a general increase in crime in the capital after Sadiq Khan became Mayor back in 2016, there are further calls for him to actually tackle this issue. While people like McIntyre can joke about the incident during more recent shows in Dublin during his current live tour, others are not so lucky.

So Sadiq, if by chance you are reading (of which I highly doubt), when will you actually do something to combat this problem? Instead of complaining endlessly about the Conservative party’s cuts to policing, how about allocate those resources properly? Scrap the over 900 officers dedicated to hate crime and place them in more resourceful areas. Bring back stop and search completely. Bring back police patrols. Be tougher on moped gangs. Do the things one would expect you to do as a Mayor of such an important city.

Because if you don’t, and continue to turn London into something resembling the State Of Nature both Hobbes and Locke warned about when defending the existence of a government or a mini El Salvador, Honduras or another third world Latin American country gripped by violent crime, you will be punished at the ballot box in 2020. Do your job Mr. Mayor.  

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