The Culture War: Meme Farmers Smash Gramsci's Anglophobia

Leeds Crown Court Swamped by #FreeTommy Supporters

Friday afternoon saw thousands of patriotic free speech supporters descending on Leeds Crown Court in support of Tommy Robinson who was jailed for 13 months earlier this week in an event that has sinisterly been all but brushed under the carpet by the mainstream media.

The coverage that did appear on Friday’s march was disgracefully giving the image the rally was full of beer drinking, cigarette smoking football hooligans when in fact it was attended by many races, ages and cultures who value British freedom.

This is a stark reminder of the enemy we are up against and utilising the greatest weapon of all – the media itself. Goebbels was another person in history who ruthlessly took advantage of this, spewing out propaganda on an industrial scale.

What we must remember is that this is more than about any one individual. It is about each and every one of us and our children and our grandchildren; we must be able to look them in the eye and say we did our best. We cannot allow this police state to tighten and erode our freedom, the very freedom that our forefathers died to protect.

This latest event is the momentum building for something much greater, the straw that broke the camel’s back. There is much still to be done and we must press on.

All the different factions of people must now come together to defend our right to free speech, including those on the left who mock and find this amusing because they MUST remember that they WILL be next, and who will be there to speak for them?

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